12 Tips to Help You Publish a Great Novel

Great Novel

Most people want to write a novel but don’t succeed in writing one. The presence of “obstacles” in the writing journey stops people from writing their dream novel.

If obstacles have stopped you from writing a novel in the past, following the twelve tips mentioned in this blog will help you publish your first novel – let’s dive in!

1.     Connect with professionals

As a newbie writer, you will find it hard to overcome the writing challenges. One of the best ways to overcome roadblocks as a writer is to link with professionals. For example, you can rely on literary fiction ghostwriters to help you turn your novel idea into a book.               

Connecting with skilled professionals is not as difficult as you might think. You can either link with professional writers and proofreaders online or join writers’ clubs in your area.

2.     Identify your audience

You must identify your audience as a novelist to help you write better and sell more copies of your novel. Keeping your target audience in mind when writing will also help you focus on your plot when writing and use powerful expressions.

Identifying your target readership is not as difficult as you might think. You can explore different genres and their target audiences, and then you can choose the genre for your novel. Going through this process will make it a lot easier for you to write.

3.     Read famous novels

How can you identify the elements that make a novel stand out? Is there a way you can sharpen your novel writing skills? The simple answer to questions like these is to improve your reading habits. Reading more novels will help you weave your story in such a way that captivates your readers.

You don’t necessarily have to spend hours reading novels daily. It’s better to start slow by picking your favorite novels and highlighting the features of a novel that you find exciting.

4.     Start with an outline

You might be urged to write whatever comes to your mind to finish your novel. However, remember that this approach won’t help you as much as you think. It’s always better to start writing a novel according to an outline.

Following an outline allows you to stick to your main plot and theme. You’ll find it easier to finish your novel if you have a roadmap to follow. Create a basic outline and follow it to start your first draft.

5.     Follow a writing schedule

Writing all the time or only writing on your weekends will never help you finish your novel. If you are writing according to an outline, you should follow a proper writing schedule. Doing so will help you achieve the writing goals you set for yourself.

Your writing schedule should not interfere with your daily routine. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to cut off from the outside world to finish your novel. You should set aside a couple of hours from your daily routine to focus on your writing.

6.     Overcome perfectionism

It might get difficult for you to follow a proper writing routine if you are affected by “perfectionism.” There’s nothing wrong with trying to write a better novel than the ones you’ve already read. However, you should not confuse “progress” with “perfection.”

You should try to write as well as possible during your writing schedule. But you should not stress over a single sentence and rewrite it again and again. Let your thoughts flow on your paper, as you can make changes when you complete your first draft.

7.     Keep readers in mind

As a novelist, it’s not your goal to impress your readers with how many “fancy words” you have in your vocabulary. Novel writing is not a contest of showing off your memory and using jargon that nobody wants to read.

The key to writing an engaging novel is to focus on your readers. People will love to read your novel if it has an amazing plot. Avoid using complex sentence structures and jargon that your readers might not like.

8.     Strengthen your main character

The main “selling point” of your novel is your protagonist. Your protagonist must undergo a “life arc” that shows their progression or regression by the end of the story. Another important thing that makes a protagonist memorable is the presence of “human flaws.”

Create an amazing story around your protagonist, so your readers feel attached to your novel. As mentioned above, you can read famous novels to learn how you can create an unforgettable protagonist.

9.     Write a great climax

The climax of your novel will make it memorable. Your protagonist has to face the utmost challenge in the climax with their life at stake.

Writing a climax is not as easy as many novelists think. You must improve your climax to ensure that your readers enjoy your novel. This short guide can help you write a better climax that captivates your audience.

10. Finish your first draft

If you start with an outline and follow a proper writing routine, you will be able to finish your first draft in no time. Getting done with your first draft will boost your confidence and prove that you can write a good novel.

Here are some actionable tips that can help you complete your first draft:

  1. Don’t keep a word count in your mind.
  2. Stick to your writing schedule.
  3. Don’t let imperfections halt your progress.

11. Get proper feedback

Finishing your first draft doesn’t mean that your novel is ready to get published. You have to ensure that there are no grammatical or other mistakes that make your novel look boring.

It’s better to get professional help and feedback about your novel. Doing so will make it easier for you to identify the mistakes you might have overlooked.

12. Move to the publication process

After you’re done with revisions, it’s time to move on to the publication process. You can either go down the route of “self-publishing” or contact publishers. Whatever path you choose, it’s better to gather as much information as possible about it to pass smoothly through the publication process.

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