5 Most Common Signs You Have a Leak Inside Your Wall

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Do you think your house is facing water leakage problems?  And are you unable to find out the leakage spot? If so, do not worry! You have landed in the right place. Professional plumber services in Karachi have discussed some most common signs that can tell your wall has a hidden water leakage. You can keep these signs in mind and can track down the leaky spot on your wall so that you can get it repaired before it costs you structural damages.

Important Telltale Signs That You Have a Leak Inside Your Wall

If you are concerned about your house and want to trace the invisible water leakages in your wall, you should read this piece of writing carefully. In this article, you will come to know some important telltale signs that will tell your wall has a hidden leakage that can cost your house structural damage if not checked for a long time.

1. Discoloured Areas on The Wall

If there is a hidden leakage inside your wall, and you want to track it down, you should look for any discolouration on your wall. The discoloured areas on the walls are the signs that there is leakage inside the wall.

The water comes to the surface and affects the colour of the wall making it different from the other portions of the wall. Irregular patterns that are lighter than the actual colour of the wall appear on the wall.

You can trace them out and repair the leakage but only if you have professional skills and tools otherwise, you can make the situation even worse. Therefore, you should not mess with the leaking wall.

Instead, book plumber services in Lahore for proper inspection and maintenance of the leaking wall. Professional service providers can repair the leakage very effectively.

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2. Change in Texture

Sometimes, bubble-like shapes appear on the wall. You might think that why are these shapes appearing on your wall. These shapes are telling you that your wall is hiding something from you. Most probably it is water leakage.

So, if you observe any change in the texture of your wall, you can infer that there is leakage inside your wall. You can call an expert plumber to inspect and fix the leaking pipeline in your wall.

You might blame the paint that it is peeling off due to low quality but it might not be. In most cases, it is your pipeline which does not keep water confined to it letting it flow outwards. As a result, the water damages your wall’s paint and makes bubble-like shapes.

3. Mold or Mildew

When there is leakage inside your wall, mold or mildew starts growing on the outer surface of the wall amid an appropriate availability of moisture. You can spot the leakage by carefully observing the area.

In the beginning, there are small black spots on the wall where there is leakage. If your whitewashed wall has such spots, you should not delay anymore, and let an expert look into the matter.

Professional Plumber Services in Karachi can inspect and repair your leaky wall effectively. You might try removing the mildew from the wall thinking it will not grow again. But it will keep growing until you uproot the cause that is water leakage.

4. Musty Smells

A leaky wall not only creat visible signs but also smells that can tell you have leakage inside the wall. If you are experiencing musty smells in your house, it means water is leaking somewhere.

You can trace the spot that is producing this smell. It sometimes becomes easy because other signs also appear on the spot. Discolouration on the wall can guide you to reach the leaky point.

If you have found a leaky spot, do not roll your sleeves to fix it on your own. You should not mess with your leaky wall as you can make the situation even worse.

Instead, make an appointment with a professional plumber who has got years-long experience and training. He can resolve your problem more appropriately.

5. Dripping Sounds

If there are no signs of discolouration, mildew, or texture change, you can still trace the leakage. You can put immense attention to listening to the dripping sounds of leaking water.

But first of all, you should make sure that all of your plumbing fixtures are properly closed. Now, you can maintain complete silence and try to hear these telltale sounds.

If you are facing trouble in finding the leakage spot, do not worry. Book qualified plumbing services for proper inspection and maintenance of your leaky wall.

Professional service providers have passed through a process of evaluation and training that makes them perfect for this plumbing job. So, you should trust only a professional for dealing with your leaky wall.

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