5 Ways to improve your stock Market result

Stock Market is not predictable but there are certain ways through which you can improve your overall result and performance. 

Let’s discuss in brief about them 

Analyze past performance 

Looking at the past performance of company and its stock fluctuation chart help you to predict that how shares will perform in present. It is true that no body can Judge how stock will perform otherwise each one of the investor would have become a millionaire. But studying the chart would only give you some hints to judge the stock value so that you may know when to buy and sell stock to earn profit. 

Buy stock when value is low

This is the most crucial strategy which every investor would consider that is buy stock when there value is low and sell them when there value is high. If you are thinking that high performance stock value remain higher in market and they doesn’t provide any loss to investor then this is totally wrong. If stock value is providing you high profit from 2 -3 times then keep in mind that one day it will show a heavy downfall which could be unbearable by investors. But stock who’s value is low but in past it has shown many ups and down then it become easy for you to predict that now or may be later it will make higher move. 

Don’t Panic and remain calm 

If you have decided to step into this market which is risky and tricky both then prepare yourself to face any situation. You never know what will be served to you; it can be profit or loss. So in that case don’t  panic and create an environment of fear as you already know that if this market is showing you good numbers then it can also show you bad side of it as well. Remain calm and face the situation in a Proper way and move on to other stocks. 

Invest in old as well as New Companies

Daily new companies list there stocks in stock exchange market to earn good amount of income as profit. But mostly investors invest in old companies as they have already seen there performance and have little fear with them. But as per studies it is said that the company which is new in market will sell its share in low price in starting and will also provide profit to investors to gain there  Trust . Also new companies have latest trendy things whose stocks would be in demand, so that can easily provide you profit. 

Keep a record with you

This is the best way to improve your result in stock market. As by keeping a record of every stock purchased and sold in market. This will help you in future to know the value of stock and there performance so that you can predict at that time how stock will perform.

Following the above mention ways would definitely help you to get best result in stock market.

About The Author

Gaurav Heera is a Stock Market expert, Analyst & educator having more than a decade experience in the stock market industry. Currently he heads DelhiCourses an institute best known for its best and affordable stock market course in Delhi.

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