7 Easy Steps to Clean Your Fabric Sofa at Home

aesthetics. But here comes the problem: fabric sofas are more prone to dust, dirt, and mites. It increases the need for regular cleaning whether you do it yourself or book professional sofa cleaning services.

If you want to clean your fabric sofa on your own with a professional touch, you need experts’ advice. Here is the step-by-step experts’ guide to cleaning your fabric sofa on your own at home.

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Easy Steps to Clean Your Fabric Sofa at Home

In this article, you will come to know a series of seven easy sofa cleaning steps to clean your fabric sofa effectively:

Step 1: Check the Cleaning Code

Before starting the cleaning process, you should check the cleaning code on your fabric sofa’s label. According to specialized sofa cleaning services in Lahore, this step is crucial to avoid any damage to your sofa colour and texture. 

You will find any of the following four cleaning codes:

·       W

“W” stands for water-based cleaning. It means you can use water or water-based solvents to clean your sofa. You can use a brush or a wet white paper towel to remove stains and spills from your sofa.

·       S

“S” stands for solvent-based cleaning, which means you can only use solvent-based products to clean your sofa. The other option you can avail yourself of is dry cleaning products that can be possible for your fabric sofa.

·       W/S

This combination of cleaning codes “W” and “S” means you can use either of the methods to clean your fabric sofa effectively. It is up to you whether you use water-based cleaning or solvent-based cleaning.

·       X

This cleaning code means you should neither use water-based nor solvent-based cleaning. Instead, you can use vacuuming or light brushing for cleaning your sofa properly. You might find such sofas the toughest to clean and maintain.

Step 2: Remove Your Sofa Covers

Remove your sofa covers if these are removable. Clean them separately by using clothing detergents which can remove the stain properly. If the covers of your sofas are not removable, leave this step, and move to the next one.

Step 3: Brush Your Sofa

Now, take a brush with soft bristles and start brushing your sofa covers. It will help remove the dust particles and other debris. It makes further sofa cleaning easier.

Make sure your whole sofa is of the same colour. If any spot of the cover is light, brush it thoroughly to remove stains and dust properly.

Step 4: Vacuum Your Sofa

After removing bigger dust particles, pet hair, and food remnants, it is time to vacuum your sofa. Perform this vacuuming thoroughly to make sure all the tiny particles are removed.

It would add extra shine to your sofa as it removes all the debris remaining after brushing. Make sure all the parts of the sofa such as cushions, back, seat, and arms are vacuumed properly.

Step 5: Steam Clean 

Steam clean your fabric sofa with a steam cleaner. Remember! Set the temperature according to the fabric capacity of your sofa. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your fabric’s texture. 

How can you know the right temperature for your fabric sofa? You do not need any thermometer-type thing. Just notice whether the temperature is appropriate for your sofa or not. If it is, continue to steam your sofa thoroughly.

Steam cleaning is a cleaning that not only removes dust and dirt but also kills harmful bacteria, fungus, and dust mites lurking in your fabric sofa.

Step 6: Remove Stains with Homemade Cleaning Solutions

After all the above steps, if still there are stains and spills on your fabric sofa, prepare and use homemade solutions to remove them. What cleaning products can you use?

  • Distilled water
  • White vinegar
  • Dish wash detergent
  • Baking soda

You can follow instructions from professional sofa cleaning services to prepare these solutions properly and use them. It will help remove all the stains and spills from your fabric sofa.

Step 7: Dry Your Fabric Sofa

After all the above steps of deep cleaning, it is time to dry your sofa. If you do not follow this step, it will leave moisture in your sofa letting the mould and mildew grow in it.

You must be thinking: what is the appropriate method to dry your sofa? It is not that difficult. Take a dry white piece of cloth and dap it on your sofa, it will catch all the moisture making your sofa dry. You can also switch on your ceiling or pedestrian fan to dry your sofa. It will evaporate moisture present on your sofa.

Now, you can add deodorizers to your sofa if you want to aromatize it. You can also sanitize it to protect it from bacteria and other germs.

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