A Guide To Buying Marble Dining Tables

Marble Dining Tables


The world has turned towards beauty and fashion, meaning style is expected everywhere, from clothes to home decor. One such thing that people have started paying much attention to is tabletops. The marble dining table has become extremely popular with its attractive, long-lasting features and designs. With this excessively accelerating spotlight, the global natural stone and marble market is expected to grow from $51.76 billion in 2022 to $68.06 billion by 2029, following a CAGR of 4.0% in the forecast period. But before buying yourself the most exclusive marble table, you may want to look at this guide to help you choose better.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Marble Table

With many options available, picking the most appropriate one can be challenging. However, when you get guidance for comparing similar products, it can become a lot easier. Have a look at all these tips before making your choice:

  • Edges – The edges of the tabletop hold much importance. When the edges are straight and pointed, they tend to chip off easily. So, it is recommended that you choose a marble table that has soft rounded and curved edges, which resists damage to the table corners and helps it last much longer.
  • Veining Patterns – Veining refers to the minutely thin lines that are created in stones due to the water that passes through the rock and then evaporates, leaving behind deposits of crystallised minerals. Marble slabs can be cut in artistic ways to procure distinct, elegant veining patterns, enough to give your tabletop a unique style. So, before buying a table, you may browse the available veining patterns.
  • Maintenance – Elegance comes with a great price. In the case of marble, it is not only expensive but demands relatively high maintenance too. This requires you to take extra care to avoid spills, use marble-friendly cleaning agents, and ensure that stains are wiped off immediately to prevent discolouration and other damage to the stone.
  • Marble Finishes – When researching before purchasing your table, why miss out on the marble finish? There are varieties like matt finish and glossy finish. Based on your usage, you may choose either of these options. While a glossy finish may look more sophisticated, a matt finish can be preferred if your table is susceptible to accidental spills, especially alcohol, as it is much easier to tone the stains down in a matt finish.
  • Budget – Before diving to buy the best available table, do not forget that you must have planned on a budget. Try to follow it as much as possible to avoid future complexities. While getting the best quality table is a dream of every person, do not get too carried away only to end up overspending. Choose the marble that best fits your budget while also taking care of your classy taste.
  • Types of Marbles for Dining Tables 

There are a plethora of marble types available in the market. While all marbles are elegant in look, some are just a bit extra special. Give yourself time to acknowledge these stones by identifying their specialty, estimating their costs, and matching these stones with your interior to be sure that you are indeed making the best buying decision for yourself. Here are a few most popular marble choices for tabletops that are worth considering: 

  • Arabescato 
  • Statuarietto 
  • Nero Marquina 
  • Calacatta
  • Brown Emperador
  • Verde Alpi
  • Carrara
  • Levadia

So, do you agree that buying a marble dining table just got easier? Now that you have plenty of options make the best-informed purchasing decision. After all, elegance has never been more effortless!

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