Accident In Florida: Here’s What You Should Do

The current count of car crashes in Florida (2023) is 323440, with more than 2500 fatal car crashes.

Preventive and safety measures are very much needed, but road accidents are unpredictable and can happen to anybody.

The uncertainty of what can happen on the road makes it necessary to prepare yourself for every possible outcome.

If you ever find yourself in a road accident, the first thing you must know is what you should do.

It is very natural to panic and succumb to the dilemma. But it is best to stay calm and call a Florida auto accident lawyer as soon as possible.

This blog covers a list of things you must do right after you get in a car accident.

1.  Check For Injuries

The top priority after an accident must be your safety. Check for any injury and report it to the nearest medical facility available.

If you are safe, check other passengers for possible injuries. Move to a safer location, away from the traffic, as a safety measure.

2.  Inform The Police

An accident can leave you in a moment of shock. However, you have to bring yourself together and inform the authorities as soon as you can.

Dial 911 and give the required details about the accident. Florida laws make it mandatory to inform any car accident in case of injuries, deaths, or property damage.

3.  Gather Information

When you are affected by an accident, gather as much information as you can about the accident. It is crucial if you want to proceed with legal action or insurance claims. Be sure to know the following details for insurance claims:

  • Note down the names of the drivers involved.
  • Collect information like addresses and phone numbers of all the passengers involved in the accident.
  • Note down the vehicle details (this will include model, vehicle number, etc.)

4.  Collect Evidence

It is natural to forget details from the accident. Hence, it is best to document the evidence to help you with the legal claims. Take pictures of the following as evidence from your road accident:

  • Injuries
  • Damage to the vehicle
  • Any skid marks (if present)
  • Road conditions
  • Airbags (if they are deployed)
  • Traffic signs (if available)

In addition, note down details like time, date, and location of the accident. Details about the weather conditions can also add to the benefits.

5.  Inform Your Insurance Company

The next step is to inform your insurance company and proceed with getting the formalities done.

Even if the accident is not severe, you should contact your insurance company. You never know how high the medical costs can go, even for minor injuries.

Should You Call A Lawyer After An Accident?

Car accidents are challenging not just because of the aftermath, like injuries or damages, but also because of tiring legal proceedings.

Many people are hesitant about involving an attorney after an accident. But here are some good reasons why hiring a car accident attorney in Fort Myers, FL, after a car accident is a wise idea.

1.   Evidence

If you are opting for a legal proceeding with a lawsuit, insurance, or getting compensation, the evidence will be a necessity.

A lawyer will help you gather reliable evidence that will help you win the legal case you file for.

2.   Negotiation

Insurance companies play a crucial role when it comes to car accidents. But they will end the deals with lowball settlements.

By hiring a car accident lawyer, you ensure the insurers are not closing off the insufficient settlement after the accident. 

3.   Courtroom Experience

With car accidents, there are a few instances in which your case will require visiting the courtroom.

However, in certain cases, filing a lawsuit becomes necessary.

In such cases, hiring car accident lawyers in Fort Myers is beneficial because of their rich experience in representing their clients in the courtroom.

4.   Damages

It is beneficial to hire a lawyer after an accident because they can efficiently evaluate what damages you are qualified for.

After a close analysis, your lawyer will conclude what compensation charges you are applicable for. Some of them include the following:

  • Medical costs that cover the charges for hospital visits, doctor appointments, and treatment.
  • Lost wages that compensate for missed wages because of the injuries.
  • Vehicle repair compensation that includes charges for repair of your vehicle caused by the injury.
  • If an accident results in a long-term decreased performance affecting workplace efficiency, your lawyer can demand compensation for it as well.

Final Thoughts

Road car crashes and accidents are a definite havoc. Lawsuits in Florida are straightforward, making the protection of your legal rights very easy.

But it is possible only if you follow the right steps for a car crash. To make the legal proceedings easier, it is best to rely on the expertise of a Florida auto accident lawyer.

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