All you need to know: Ctrader


The deep liquidity and high-performance trading platform, cTrader, give customers an unbeatable trading experience. It makes use of tried-and-true technology to help you improve your trading skills. It is possible to trade 64 currency pairs and 16 major stock indices on the IC Marketplaces c trader platform. Trading with suggested improvements of cTrader and broadcasting prices from numerous global banks provides the pinnacle in trading solutions for active traders.

Charting and User guide Trading Platform of the Highest Quality

Forex and CFD traders rely on cTrader because of its powerful charting tools, numerous order types, phase 2 pricing, and quick entry and execution times when trading multiple assets. This is accessible on various platforms thanks to its stunning user interface linked to the most advanced backend technology.

A New Approach to Investing

Anyone can become a Strategic planning Provider on cTrader Copy and offer their trading plan for a committee or fee as a service to other traders. Other traders can seek and copy the available strategies and enjoy a risk-free investment. Traders can also customise risk management.

An Algorithmic Trading Solution that Includes Everything

For traders who want to computerise their trading strategies, cTrader Automate is a powerful and easy-to-use solution. Code written in C# using cTrader’s integrated development environment can be tested and optimised, as well as robots and custom indicators written in C#.

cTrader’s API is open source.

Using cTrader’s Open API, you can create your applications. For everyone, it’s a free, secure, and publicly accessible API. To connect to any cTrader account and trade with it, developers can use the well-established cTrader technologies in their web, mobile, or desktop applications.

A cTrader Accounts FIX API for trading.

Every cTrader user has access to the standard industry FIX API trading interface. Access is free and does not require any payment, commitment, or administration on your part. To meet the specific needs of retail traders, the FIX API rules of war were tailored to include provisions for trades involving Hedging Accounts.

The cTrader Web

cTrader on the Web, Compatible with Any Desktop Browser

Any popular browser can be used to access cTrader’s features quickly and easily. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux users can access cTrader utilising this solution, which does not require computer installation.

Apps for cTrader

Apps for iPhone and Android that run on cTrader

Traders can access the c trader platform from the App Store and Google Play Store for their smartphones or tablets. It is possible to trade and analyse on the go from all over the world thanks to the tablet-optimised versions of both products. CTrader’s Smart Turnout logic was created with traders’ accounts in mind. As a result of its superior algorithm, this logic will take the place of cTrader’s Fair Stop Out logic. Positions will be partially closed if the Margin Value drops below the Smart Stop Out Level, and this will continue until the Margin Level rises above the Smart Stop Out Level. Just what is necessary to restore Margin Threshold and protect your positions, your entry point, and your trading account will be closed by Smart Stop Out’s stop-out logic.


  • Without the assistance of a dealing desk, go against the grain of the market.
  • With our low fees, you’ll permanently save money when you trade.
  • Choose leverage that matches your trading style and strategy for the quickest ultra-low delay execution possible.
  • With micro lots, you can better manage your risk.
  • Quickly transfer funds between your trading and savings accounts.
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