Amenities That Should Be at Every Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle

Depending on how fast the charging stations are, how many are available, how far EV drivers need to go, and when they are charging (in a hurry or taking their time to relax and eat while charging), most charging dwell times in these cities will be between 15 and 60 minutes. In the next 7–10 years, however, when the average BEV range is well over 300 miles and super fast charging is standard, most of these charging times will probably be between 10 and 30 minutes.

One thing that could change these dwell times is how much it costs to charge. A model that could be used in the future is a pricing system that depends on how fast the battery is charged. You might have to pay more for super-fast DC charging speeds if you are in a hurry. Or, if you don’t mind waiting or want to get some work done while enjoying a muffin, coffee, and the WiFi in the lounge, you could choose Level 2 or lower DC fast charging rates. For better understanding, People should also look out for Ev Engineer Course

Keeping in mind the above use cases, types of users, and lengths of stay, the following services, amenities, food, and goods may or may not be available at urban charging centres:


Without a doubt, the essential thing most public charging spots are missing right now is a bathroom. When you are near shopping malls, stores, and restaurants, you can use the restrooms nearby. Depending on how far the restrooms are, this can be a big hassle, and it can be unfair to use a business’s facilities if you don’t also buy something.


 It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes to eat a fast or quick-service meal like a burger, sandwich, burrito, or salad. This time is about the same as most charging times, so it makes sense to put them near quick-service restaurants and coffee shops. If a charging centre doesn’t have at least 100 charging ports, it probably doesn’t make sense to have a food service operation there. But food trucks might like to park near these centres.

In 2018, the US coffee shop market was worth more than $45 billion, and people don’t seem to be getting tired of coffee and tea drinks. Millions of Americans now get a coffee in the morning or a latte in the afternoon every day, so it makes sense for large charging centres to have coffee shops.

Tire air

As told at the beginning of this article, your car’s tires need air often, usually a few times a year. EVs need less maintenance than ICE vehicles and don’t need gas, so where will EV drivers find places to fill up with air? Some gas stations charge to put air in your tyres, but most charging centres seem like they would do this for free.


Today, most places where you can charge an electric vehicle (EV) don’t have any extra services or amenities, which makes it less convenient than stopping at a gas station. The biggest question is whether the significant charging networks will offer more than just electricity or if the major convenience store chains will just keep getting better and add EV charging along with, eventually instead of, gas pumps. For better understanding,  One must also look out for Best Electric Vehicle Courses In Chennai

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