How to Estimate App Development Cost

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The complexity of an app determines the cost of development. Complex apps require data storage, synchronization, and retrieval from more than one database. The complexity of an app also determines the number of features it offers.

Complex apps are designed for large businesses and are more complex due to custom development, integrations with legacy systems, and customized functions. This also means that these apps generally cost more than simpler apps. If you’re wondering how to estimate the cost of your app development, consider the factors listed below.

QA activities

Considering QA activities as part of app development cost is an excellent way to avoid a large bill later on. Performing quality assurance on your app is crucial for the success of your business, and should begin in the requirements gathering phase. Testing should continue for at least a year after the app has been launched.

QA experts should be involved in all phases of development, from design to coding, to ensure that there are no unforeseen bugs or glitches.

QA developers conduct stability tests, UI testing, and other critical app components. If you do not include QA activities in your app building cost, you could end up with an app that has many bugs.

It is cheaper to prevent bugs than fix them later, so don’t skip this vital step. In addition, project managers coordinate the efforts of the entire team, so there are no major problems. The aim is to deliver a finished product that meets all the required quality and performance standards.

Complexity of the app

The complexity of your app will dictate the cost of developing it. This mainly depends on the number of features, screens, fields, and logic to be implemented. Depending on your needs, this can be quite a lengthy process. Your solution can be as complicated as developing an API from a third-party provider or coding from scratch.

A simpler solution may simply rely on standard instruments and engaging native features. Complexity levels are the most significant factors in determining the price of app development.

Generally, the complexity of your app is determined by how complicated your project is. For example, a simple app will be much cheaper to develop than a complicated one, as it is just a business card or a program for a single process. Cross-platform development is cheaper but has its pitfalls. It may result in limited functionality, poor visual representation, and poor performance. Generally, businesses will want a cross-platform app development.

Number of functions

In the case of an x: y mapping, you should know that there are m elements in X and n elements in Y. Each element must be mapped to its corresponding value in Y. Thus, the number of functions is nxnxn. This formula is only valid for m>=n, so if m>=1 or n>=0, the formula does not apply.

In order to create an efficient app, you should understand how to properly organize the functions. Most functions can be associated with a top menu, a swipe, or a field.

When deciding how many functions to create, you should keep in mind that each function should be able to perform a single action. Therefore, if a certain function must be available to all users, it should be linked to a specific location.

Team composition

While app development is a specialized process, the composition of the team will greatly influence the overall cost and timeframe. The app development process involves the assignment of specialists to different parts of the app. While assigning too few or too many specialists to your project, it is likely that the result will be less than the desired quality.

If you are developing a simple app, select developers with experience in your niche and a large portfolio of successful projects. Likewise, look for app developers with high-tech features and advanced graphic elements. For example, you may need a chatbot or payment service for your app.

Generally, teams have four to eight developers, which increases the project’s cost. A third type of app development model, the managed service model, requires a team of four developers and costs more.

However, the team composition and the cooperation model used by the team determine the cost of the final project. Three common cooperation models are outlined below. Each of these will have varying advantages and disadvantages. To avoid hiring a company with an inadequate team, make sure you understand all aspects of the project.

Payment processing methods

In app development, there are several payment processing methods you can choose. Some users prefer cash, while others prefer debit or credit card payments. If possible, offer a variety of payment options to meet the needs of your audience.

You can also consider using P2P payment methods to enable cashless or contactless transactions. Payment gateways take anywhere from two to five days to process payment transactions. However, they are well worth the investment.

One of the biggest mistakes developers make is not adding app management to the process. App management can account for 15% to 20% of the original app development cost. The cost of app maintenance will depend on the projected duration and number of hours needed for proper support.

This is crucial even for apps that are not designed to scale or add features in the future. You can’t afford to lose control of your app’s content. It’s important to consider all these factors in your app development cost.

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