Astrology Remedies For Improving Health

Are you struggling with an ailment or condition for a long time and still not able to discover a cure? Then astrology remedies by a renowned astrologer may help. You can achieve better physical health and mental balance by sticking to these simple instructions.

As per the most reputable astrologer in UK, every illness is associated with a planet in the natal chart. Either the planet is positioned in the wrong place or another celestial body is trying to interfere with it adversely.

Planets and Diseases Associated with Them

The Sun

The sun is the bearer of life on earth. If the sun is not at ease in one’s natal chart, there is the likelihood that the person may experience health issues such as bile, acidity, migraine, and headache.

Astrology tips for health issues caused by the Sun:

  • Only accept gifts from your parents and nobody else.
  • Feed monkeys or donate dark red clothes to the needy.
  • Become a vegetarian and drink a glass of sugared water each morning before going out.

The Moon

An engaged moon in one’s natal chart may impact your well-being specifically. It may take away mental peace. Therefore, the person might go through irritation and restlessness, depression, anxiety, sadness, or disturbed sleep.

Astrology tips for health issues caused by the Moon:

  • Respect your mom and the moon will decelerate its fury.
  • Avoid keeping birds in a cage otherwise it’ll upset the moon and that may negatively impact your well-being.  


Jupiter is the Lord of prosperity and peace. You are likely to experience ailments such as diabetes, cancer, and liver disease if Jupiter misaligns in your birth chart. However, there are certain tips that you can follow to steer away from these negative effects.

Astrology tips for health issues caused by Jupiter:

  • Feed bananas to the poor and old.
  • Wear yellow gold jewelry and yellow clothes.
  • Wear sandalwood tilak on the forehead.
  • Help your siblings in their work.  


Saturn is the Lord of strength and rage, says the best astrologer in London. It is also among the fiercest planets in the natal chart. A weak or misaligned Saturn in the natal may cause you chronic ailments such as paralysis, skin diseases, arthritis, and paralysis.

Astrology tips for health issues caused by Saturn:

  • Help the blind and the give footwear
  • Avoid drinking buffalo milk and drinking milk at night.


The planet Mercury is the lord of intelligence. It has control over a human being’s mind. A restless Mercury in your natal chart may result in you taking bad decisions and skin diseases are also likely to affect you.

Astrology tips for health issues caused by the Mercury:

  • Don’t put on any new outfits without washing them first.
  • Become a vegetarian and avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Donate milk and rice in a temple.


Venus is the Lord of beauty and harmony. A weak Venus in your natal chart may lead to various health problems, including skin conditions, kidney problems, and eye diseases.

Astrology tips for health issues caused by Venus:

  • Wash your clothes every time before you put them on.
  • Make donations to the poor.
  • Give sweets to the poor and aged people.
  • Make donations of cow ghee at temples.


Mars is the Lord of energy and desires. This planet may affect your well-being if it is positioned in the wrong houses in your birth chart. If it gets aggravated, you’ll experience extreme fear and be hesitant to try anything. Not only this, you will be more likely to undergo a head injury and face conditions like indigestion, constipation, and acidity.

Astrology tips for health issues caused by Mars:

  • Donate sweets in temples.
  • Feed a cow every day.
  • Make blood donations to the needy.
  • Donate as much as possible to the farmers and the armed forces.
  • Plant a neem tree. Grow the tree in your house.


Both Rahu and Ketu together form the shadow planet. If these planets are weak in a person’s birth chart, then he or she may undergo phobias from certain things. The planet Rahu can cause lots of incurable ailments, while Ketu is liable for speech disorders such as stammering.

Astrology tips for health issues caused by the Rahu-Ketu:

  • Feed birds to please the planet Rahu.
  • Each morning, place 5 radishes in the direction of the head of your wife/husband and later immerse them in running water.

Final Verdict

You must get your natal chart read by an expert to know which of these celestial bodies is weak in your horoscope. By doing this, you will be able to deal with the actual problem.


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