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Azerbaijan Visa

Baku has become one of the top visited places in this world in terms of tourism. Getting an Azerbaijan visa was quite difficult in the past as one had to take appointments from the embassy and get into other hassle. This difficulty was one of the reasons for why tourism was very much affected in the past few years. But now the process of obtaining the Azerbaijani visa has become very easy. You can apply online and get the visa in less than minutes.

The online visa is known as Azerbaijan e visa. The e visa facility has been launched by the Azeri government to promote tourism in the country and they have been successful in it so far. Today if you want to visit Baku or any other country in Azerbaijan then you can apply online instead of getting in touch with the embassy.

The Azerbaijan evisa is the official document that you are going to get for a single entry. The ASAN visa would be linked to your passport and you wouldn’t need any additional paper documents as a pre-requirement to enter Azerbaijan. 

Azerbaijan visa online is legit and available for more than 90 different countries and so before applying you need to check whether your country is on the list or not. 

Azerbaijan online visa requirements for tourists!

Below we have discussed the basic requirements that you have to complete to get the Azerbaijan visa.

Valid Passport

The first requirement that you need to complete is get your passport or validate it. Your passport should be valid for at least 90 days from the time you enter the country. If your passport expires earlier than three months then your visa would be rejected. The usual requirements for the Azerbaijan visa are 180 days of validity.

Formal Email Address

Another basic requirement to get the online Azerbaijani visa is an email address. The online visa is going to be delivered in your mail so you need to provide a formal email where you would receive the e Azeri visa. You always need to have access to this email at all times as you would be corresponding with the officials from here.

Proof of accommodation

To get the online Azerbaijan visa you need to provide information about your stay in the country. Show booking reservations of hotels or guest houses where you would be staying.

Means of visa payment

When you are applying for the online visa you need to pay for the visa fee online and in advance. The visa fee varies on the basis of the country you are applying for and other factors. The visa payment fee should be made in advance and you must know that this fee is non refundable even if your request gets denied. The payment can be made via debit or credit card!

These are the most important requirements to get an online visa. Just fill in the digital application and apply from the site. You would get the visa in less than twenty to thirty minutes!

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