Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Employment Agencies

Employment Agencies

Find out the benefits and drawbacks of employing a recruiting agency! Using the services of a recruiting agency to assist you in locating and hiring suitable job applicants might be the most pleasing thing for your business, or it can be the worst thing for your organization. To choose your best interest, you should give equal weight to the benefits and drawbacks of working with a recruiting agency.

Recruiting employees internally as opposed to employing outside recruitment agencies

Finding outstanding job applicants in today’s market might be challenging. Challenging. The job market is now candidate-driven since the unemployment rate is at its lowest. 

Your ideal job applicants in a circumstance such as this are considered passive job searchers. This means they do not actively hunt for work since they are already employed. This indicates that publishing your open job position on job sites is insufficient to get the most qualified applicants to apply.

To entice potential candidates and persuade them to submit applications for open positions at your company, you will need to develop an excellent employee value proposition, compose a job posting that will be memorable, promote it on a variety of social media platforms, and create an ideal career website. When you eventually get applications, you will need to spend a significant amount of time sorting through them to locate applicants that meet your requirements.

The advantages of employing personnel placement agencies

Quicker recruiting process

When you have available jobs at your company, it will take less time to fill them if you work with a recruiting agency. You won’t have to spend time recruiting potential applicants or sifting through many profiles and applications to identify a select few who are qualified. All of this will be handled by a recruitment agencies in poland, and in the end, you will only be presented with a fine selection of the most qualified applicants.

Applicants of a higher caliber

Utilizing the services of a recruiting agency will result in a higher quality of applicants for your open positions in the company. As was noted before, recruiting firms have access to a big talent pool that includes individuals that have previously been pre-checked and pre-referenced. It indicates that you will only deal with applicants who have been subjected to rigorous screening and evaluation.

In-depth professional expertise

By using the services of a recruitment agencies in poland, you will have access to specialized expertise that your in-house recruiters may not have. It is typical for an in-house recruiter to be responsible for filling various open positions inside an organization.

The drawbacks of working with employment agencies

Higher overall cost

Using a recruiting firm may be rather a pricey venture. In most cases, the fees charged by recruiting firms range between 20 and 30 percent of the employee’s yearly income. If you are attempting to fill a challenging position, you may find that the expense of employing a recruiting agency increases even more. If you use the services of a recruiting agency in any capacity, you will be required to pay a predetermined charge each time you wish to fill an open position.

No cultural fit

The cultural compatibility of the candidates provided by recruitment firms can never be guaranteed. Recruitment companies can produce people who are the most suitable applicants for a specific job and function. However, they are not nearly as good at determining whether or not someone is a good cultural match.

There is no employer branding

If you utilize recruitment agencies in Poland, you will lose out on the chance to establish and control your company’s employer branding strategy. At each stage of the employee selection process, there is a window of opportunity to shape, portray, and advance your image as an employer of choice.


Should you utilize the services of a recruiting firm to assist you in locating and selecting the most qualified applicants? Or should you take care of the whole recruitment procedure yourself from start to finish? Utilizing the services of a recruitment agency comes with several benefits as well as drawbacks as compared to conducting hiring processes in-house:

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