Best Chinese Movies Platforms in China

If you’ve been looking for the best Chinese movies, you’ve probably come across one of the many streaming platforms in China. While there are plenty of these out there, we’ve focused on a few of the most popular. Tencent, iQiyi, Douban, and others. Take a look! Is your favorite on these platforms? Let’s explore a few of these in-depth! Here are the top three on our list:


The Tencent Chinese movies platform has just signed up Hong Kong director Ann Hui. The company recently paid the film producer 1.8 billion yuan (about $284 million) to stream her movie The Golden Era. The deal with Tencent is part of a wider plan to enrich its online video content and compete with other video streaming platforms that offer short films and TV shows. The deal includes the streaming rights to 6,332 movies and TV shows, including a popular biographical drama film.

The Chinese video platform allows users to upload and watch their favorite chinese dramas. The latest release, “The Rebel”, was co-produced with CCTV and was the number one search in Baidu’s chart. Currently, iQIYI is the fourth-most popular Chinese website in the United States and Canada, with 531,000 monthly users. Tencent also has a YouTube channel where users can watch trailers of currently airing dramas.


iQiyi, the Chinese streaming platform, has announced plans to become a moviemaking powerhouse. The plan was announced during the company’s iQiyi World Conference in Shanghai. During the conference, the company also announced a new programme line-up with 33 films, and a new pricing model that will allocate a larger share of users’ fees to movie producers. As of August, iQiyi has more than 300 million active users.

iQiyi is China’s largest video-streaming service. The network, which is responsible for China’s most popular TV shows, has amassed millions of paying subscribers. It also produces 65% of its content in-house. iQiyi also features professional user-generated content. Despite its small size, iQiyi is rapidly growing in popularity and has been gaining subscribers in China and beyond.

Also know about ifvod.


As the gateway to China and many other growing Asian markets, the Douban Chinese movies platform offers an ideal distribution opportunity for movies and other audiovisual content. Users can register audiovisual content and metadata to provide valuable insights about their content. Millions of users evaluate content before purchasing or watching it. Many content buyers integrate with the platform through its API. But how does Douban measure up against the industry’s most prestigious platforms? Let’s explore the question.

The core feature of Douban is that the site is based on organic content created by its users. Users are grouped by common interests, from office workers to artists to freelancers to students. A common interest of the user base allows the site to collect ratings and user comments for movies. Users can also share their favorites with their friends and colleagues, and post comments on films or books. Users can also participate in forums about various subjects, share lists, and post movie reviews. Users can also create playlists for movies and music to share with their friends.

Yueyu Yue Yu

If you have never heard of the name Yueyu, it is a group of Sinitic languages that is spoken in the Liangguang province of Southern China. Yue is a Chinese dialect that is often used in movies, but is not a widely spoken language. Instead, it is a dialect of Mandarin and a closely related language called Zhu. As a result, it is often used as the subtitle of Chinese movies.

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