Bulk SMS for businesses remains the preferred and most reliable way to communicate with customers. Bulk SMS gateways have made it easy to send bulk messages to large audiences.

Your business needs customers. And there is no better way to communicate with customers than by phone. By sending a message to your customers and notifying them of new features of your product or service, you immediately grab their attention. While these are new ways to communicate directly with customers, SMS is probably the most widely used and reliable way to communicate with them. Statistics have shown that 99% of all SMS are opened within the same hour.

But when you’re trying to reach thousands of customers at once, texting them one by one is a nightmare every marketer wants to avoid. There is an easier way to communicate with your customers and regularly update them about your products and services: bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS is nothing more than sending a bulk message to a huge database of phone numbers. Thanks to Bulk SMS technology, sellers can easily interact with customers.

SMS Gateway Server is a platform for sending bulk messages to clients. They are basically relay channels used to send short message services (SMS). Messages are integrated into the platform through a module, a protocol, and an interface. The technology may be suitable for small businesses with a limited number of customers, as well as growing organizations that use bulk messaging services to promote products.

With minimal disruption, bulk SMS messages can be sent efficiently through gateways using modern technology. Different types of interfaces are used to send bulk SMS, the most common and easiest to use are Application Programming Interface (API) and Web SMS (Desktop).

The API connects a website or application to an SMS gateway using the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or HTTPS (Secure HTTP) protocols. Web browsers enable web-based SMS services. Customers prefer API over web SMS due to ease of message delivery and availability of message tracking systems.

The method of sending bulk SMS should also be considered when choosing a gateway. SMPP (Short Message Point-to-Point) is preferred over SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). SMPP uses the same technology as mobile phones to transfer messages from one phone to another. So it is more expensive.

Sending messages via SMTP is like sending bulk emails from your inbox. Its effectiveness is difficult to measure and you never know if the message was actually received and how it will be received by the customer. This is why SMS SMTP gateways are much cheaper than SMPP gateways.

There are several important points to consider when choosing an SMS gateway. SMS Gateway must have best SMS API option with multiple integration features for your desktop and mobile apps. It should also allow setting alerts and reminders to assist employees responsible for bulk messaging.

Check if your bulk SMS gateway provider offers international bulk messaging and interactive messaging (two-way communication to answer questions and get feedback). Many SMS gateway providers offer custom service options that let you choose a group to send a particular message to. In this way, you can be sure that you will send the right message to the right customer group.

The best way to know if you’ve chosen the right SMS gateway for your business is to see if it syncs well with all your software. Transitions and interactions between different systems and applications should also be seamless. Such features allow you to connect with your customers frequently and seamlessly.

There are several good bulk SMS gateway providers in the UAE region. The trick is to find the one with the best configuration for your client base. Also, the bulk SMS gateway must be reliable and scalable; this means it should be in an organization with a good reputation in the market and among its competitors, a wide network and excellent expert support.

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