Interesting Fact about City Palace Udaipur

City Palace Udaipur

Udaipur is the Heritage city of Rajasthan. It’s famous for its Culture and Tradition. Also, it is known as the “city of Lakes”. There are various places and things to do in Udaipur you must explore during your Udaipur Trip. The most popular sightseeing place in Udaipur is the City Palace.

The City Palace is Located on the Banks of Lake Pichola. Maharana Uday Singh constructed it in 1559. As the main seat of government, from where the Maharana lived and ruled the state. Subsequently, the Palace was further enhanced by his successor, who added Several Structures to it. The Palace now has a mixture of the courtyard, pavilions, corridors, terrace, and hanging garden. Also, a Museum Displays some of the best elements of Rajput arts and Culture, from colorful paintings to the unique architecture found in the Rajasthani Places.

Architecture of Udaipur City Palace

Udaipur city Palace
City Palace in Udaipur

Construct of Granite and Marble, the City Palace Complex is admired for its perfect blend of European, Medieval, and Chinese Architecture. The Several Places in the complex are splendidly built on the ridge of Lake Pichola behind the 100 feet high and 801 feet long facade.

The interior of the complex is as admirable as its exterior. The tangle mirror work, marble work, mural, wall painting, inlay work, silver work, and stained glasses that enhance the complex’s balconies, towers, and domes are commendable.

Inside the city, the Palace is a maze of Long Corridors designed to survive surprise attacks by enemies. There is an elephant gate at the entrance of the complex known as Hati Pol is a beautiful Jagdish Temple at the grand palace entrance.

The upper city palace complex offers many luxurious apartments, from where you can see a magnificent view over the lake and the town surrounding Udaipur. The Quadrangle connects the places, and the corridors of the sites are slopingly designed to avoid any surprise attack from the enemies.

Now, the Mahal has been converted into a museum. The City Palace has 11 beautiful places, most of which have now been converted into galleries. Amar Vilas is the highest place in the Palace, where you can see suspended gardens with fountains, towers, and terraces.

Ticket Price and Timing?

The ticket price for City Palace is ₹30 for Adults (above 18 years of age) and ₹ 15 for Children (5 to 8 years of age). There is no entrance fee for children below five Years of Age, ₹ 200 Charged for Still Cameras, and ₹ 500 Charged for Video Cameras.

The City Palace timings are from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM. It opens all Days of the week.

Ticket Price and Timing of City Palace Museum?

The ticket price for the city palace museum is ₹ 250 for Adults (above 18 years of age) and ₹ 100 for children (5 to 8 years of age). There is no entry fee for children below five years of age. The camera Fee is ₹ 250. The admission fee for students in the group is ₹ 100 per student.

The City Palace museum timings are from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM. It opens all days of the week.

Best Time to Visit City Palace?

The great time to visit this beautiful city and city palace is the winter season from October to March is considered best to visit the city palace as the pleasant during the weather is pleasant during this time.

Hotels Near City Palace, Udaipur?

Luxury Hotel in Udaipur
Luxury Hotel in Udaipur

Many luxury hotels at City Palace, like Hotel Lake Palace, Fatehsagar Palace, Leela Palace, Shiv Niwas Palace, Jagat Niwas Palace, Oberoi Udaivilas, Mewar Haveli, Ta Fateh Prakash Place, Jagat Niwas Palace, and much more.

How to Reach Udaipur City Palace?

Udaipur is a most popular tourist destination. It is connected with railways, roadways, and airways with big cities of India.

Being a Popular tourist attraction, you can use several autos, taxis, and city buses from different parts of the city palace complex. Also, you can book a private cab to explore the city palace and other nearby places.

Guides at City Palace?

Various Tour Guides are available at City Palace Complex. And they know many different languages a Hindi Speaking Guide will cost around ₹ 300 on the premises. Guide to the museum for about ₹ 200. Audio Guides are available at a reasonable cost.

A trip to Udaipur is incomplete without visiting the glorious place.

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