Cockfighting is an inhumane blood sport that involves placing male gamecocks (cocks) inside a small ring and encouraging them to fight until death. Although banned in most states, it continues to be practiced around the world.

Cockfighting, like most forms of animal abuse, is cruel and inhumane. It causes severe injuries to animals like punctured lungs or pierced eyes.

Cocks are bred for fighting

WPC2027 is a violent sport in which cocks are put into cages and forced to fight until one of them dies or suffers serious injury. Before each bout, these roosters go through rigorous conditioning like professional boxers and gambling stakes are placed on each individual.

Cockfighting has been around for centuries, yet it is neither entertainment nor animal welfare. Cockfighting is an inhumane and unnatural practice that causes serious injuries to animals.

Cockfighting is strictly forbidden in the United States and has become a felony offense in 42 states and Washington D.C.

Cockfighting often features aggressive and fierce breeds of chicken. Furthermore, these larger birds tend to be bred for larger size in comparison to other chickens, making them more dangerous in the ring.

They are forced to fight

Cockfighting is an inhumane sport that causes animal pain and suffering. It has been outlawed in all 50 states, with 42 of those states declaring it a felony offense.

The American Humane Society is joining forces with local law enforcement to eradicate cockfighting rings in Southeast Dallas. Recently, their efforts led them to spearhead a raid at one of these facilities.

Law enforcement arrived to find hundreds of trained roosters strutting around with lethal gaffs tied to their legs.

These animals have their spurs cut off to allow gaffs to attach easily to their legs. Gaffs are designed with sharp points in order to puncture and mutilate the cock’s skin.

Cocks are often forced to fight for hours. While engaged in combat, they endure physical abuse such as pulling, punching, and more.

They are injured

Cockfighting causes animals tremendous pain and suffering. Birds may sustain injuries to their lungs, bones or eyes during a fight.

Birds often suffer injuries caused by razor-sharp steel blades attached to their feet, known as “gaffs.” These sharpened implements tear at the skin and make them even more vulnerable to harm.

These gaffs are so sharp, they have been known to cause the death of cockfighters themselves.

Cockfighting rings not only cause cruelty and unnecessary injuries to birds, but they can also have an adverse effect on children who may be present during these events.

Some cockfighting rings in the United States have been connected to drug trafficking, gang activity and illegal weapon sales. These activities should be reported to local law enforcement officials.

They are killed

Cockfighting has been around for centuries. This brutal blood sport involves male cocks that have been bred to fight being equipped with spurs or small knives tied to their legs and then fighting in an arena (known as a “cockpit”), where they must compete.

These birds are typically made to fight until one cock is killed. If the fighting stalls, handlers pick up the cocks and blow on their backs or pull at their beaks.

Even if the birds do not die during the fight, they are so wounded and exhausted that they cannot flee. Their lungs have been punctured, eyes pierced, and bones broken.

Cockfighters often remove their birds’ natural spurs before fighting, in order to reduce the risk of injuries. This leaves sharp gaffs attached that act like ice picks and tear at the skin, leading to devastating wounds.

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