Cold Case movie review: suspenseful despite self-conscious policework

Cold Case movie review - movierevision
Cold Case movie review - movierevision

Cold Case Overview

The fact that Prithviraj has not used his clout to force his character into a position where he overpowers the narrative is one of the nicer aspects of Cold Case on Amazon Prime Video India. Here is Cold Case Review.

An investigation into a cold case must be put on hold indefinitely due to insufficient evidence, or a crime discovered long after it was committed, to qualify as a cold case. the film directed by Tanu Balak, begins in this way.

Cold Case Plot

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Journalist Medha (Aditi Balan) moves with her daughter and housekeeper to Thiruvananthapuram. Her divorced ex-husband is preparing for a custody battle. She works for a spooky TV network. She discovers a connection between Sathyajit’s case and the paranormal activity in her own home when investigating regular fights.

Cold Case follows two simultaneous investigations.

It’s great that the director wasn’t afraid of Prithviraj’s fame and didn’t make his character less important. In Cold Case, which is mostly about men and their stories, neither low-angle shots nor too much music take away from how interesting he is on screen.

Prithviraj is willing to give up some of his personal preferences to fulfill the screenplay, as evidenced by the fact that the female heroine is given equal place in this film and is not defined by her relationship with the hero.

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Cold Case Review

Unfortunately, the film’s screenplay lacks subtlety and nuance. Prithviraj’s clunky delivery, a handful of coincidences in the detective work, and an unappealing opponent hurt Cold Case’s self-conscious storytelling style when it deals with police procedures. Sathyajith’s Cold Case dialogue is odd. Many of Sathyajith’s conversations with his police colleagues are so straightforward they seem intended for a non-crime fiction audience. Sathyajith’s notes and pinboard are useless.

Some of Cold Case’s ghostly moments are terrifying, but the truth reveals a very uninteresting criminal. Long attempts to highlight a single character become unpleasant and conspicuous. Attempts to balance reason and religion fail.

Aditi Balan is easy to watch on camera. The supporting ensemble is generally forgettable, with the exception of Suchitra Pillai as a visually handicapped clairvoyant. “Mirror dark as night, grant me vision, grant me sight” is almost ludicrous.

Despite Malayalam cinema’s lack of expertise in criminal investigations, the filmmakers had Anjaam Paathiraa as a strong point of comparison, which managed to be both clever and emotionally resonant. Nayanthara-Kunchacko Boban’s Nizhal has greater substance. Ezra (2017), starring Prithviraj, may have been a model.

The film handles supernatural horror clichés like loud noises, foreboding music, and jerky motions with calm and restraint. Girish Gangadharan’s controlled camerawork helps the director, especially at the climax. This movie has a good mystery. The potential was huge.

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