How to make Attractive Custom Hair Extension Boxes by doing less…!!

custom hair extension boxes

Hair extensions are used typically by women. It gives the hair a voluminous look and length It can be used at weddings, birthdays, and different other events. Hair extensions are of different types they can be smooth straight and wavy as well depending upon the hair type a person can buy them and use them consequently.

Depending upon the sturdiness and look of the extensions different brands compete in the market. Before the worth comes in the packing of the boxes gives the first impression. For a corporation to make its product exclusive and striking customization of cases is the best option given by the producers to the customers.

Custom hair extension boxes can be made in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The client can inscribe different attention-grabbing speech marks on the boxes to make them exceptional like made from natural hair etc.

Window Patching Design

The design of the packaging is the most important thing. It appeals to customers and forces them to purchase the product. When it comes to hair extensions the die-cut opening design is the most necessary one. Because it shows some portion of the creation and customers are frequently fascinated by these kinds of wrapping.

In the window reinforcing design, a die-cut window is used on the forward-facing side of the box. A slim see-through plastic sheet is fixed on it. It helps to display the hair extensions.

In making the custom hair extension boxes two types of window patching films are used. The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film.

Cellophane Window Packaging

In this type of packaging, the customer can see the entire product. If the customer can see the product, it creates trustworthiness and belief in the purchaser.

In this window wrapping, there are two options i-e lithe and unbending windows. The flexible windows are made up of a recyclable product. It can be cast off easily. While the rigid windows are made up of solid malleable material that can be used for high-cost indulgence products.

Color Theme

The color scheme that is used for the custom hair extension boxes is usually solids. If we further characterize the solids then mostly black and white are used.  As we can tell that black signifies elegance and influence while white represents fragility.

Apart from this, the light theme is also used. In this theme light shades of all colors are used. It gives a very subtle and womanly appearance to the boxes.

Wholesale Custom Hair Extension Boxes

The companies usually prepare the boxes for wholesale. Different companies have different quantities for wholesale. mostly they start from 500 and up to 5000 boxes per order. The wholesale price is mostly low as the customer is placing a large order at one time.

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