Decoration Ideas for home

Decoration Ideas for home

Thinking of creating an accent wall in your space? Instead of going to the paint store to buy some bright red paint to bring “pa” into your room. Why not think outside the box? Wooden walls add acoustic panels, depth, texture, warmth. Most importantly are sure to be an accent to any room. Better yet. You can make your own wooden walls with a few simple tools and planning. Before you start, it’s a good idea to plan a wood accent wall.Whatever your style, a wooden wall is a great DIY project that you and a friend. Or two can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. You’ll appreciate the transformation that a wooden wall will bring to your room. That is far more than what a paint box will. Check out these wooden walls that are sure to inspire you!

1. Abstract Black Accent Wall Panelling

The ebony accented walls of this villa are very sleek and modern. Abstract panels on the walls look stunning and unique. This is a universal design that can be used for any room in your home. The idea is also very simple and you can do it yourself! Take some wooden slats and stick them diagonally to the wall in an abstract way. Lastly, paint the walls and slats black or any color you like and wrap!While you’re working on a wooden wall, you can use the leftovers to make some DIY chests or DIY hanging shelves.

2. Wood textured herringbone walls

Add a touch of life and aesthetics to your workspace by adding this wood accent wall from Adornedhomes. The combination of white wood cabinets with beautiful herringbone walls looks very elegant. The boards have a beige ash stain with a textured finish. This is a simple yet unique addition to your workspace and will easily fit into your bedroom decor theme.

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3. Walls with neutral textured wood accents

A beautiful wood accent wall can add instant character to your bedroom, as in this Montgofarmhouse idea. It is perfect for children’s rooms, guest rooms and more. Neutral shades on the walls make the furniture in the room redundant.

4. Black and Wood Slats Elegant WallWood Accent Wal

love how stunning this passageway wall by onestorycanvas looks. The combination of a black painted wall with wooden slats looks very modern and classy. The slats have different heights and are attached to one vertical half of the wall. The black peeps through the wood and looks really stunning. Tiny black shelves are also connected to the wall for placing some showpieces.

5. Neat & Polished Shelved Panel WallWood Accent

This wood accent wall by interiorconsilions with thick white shelves. It is perfect for making a passageway accent or covering up any blank wall in your home. The wall has a wooden pallet design. With each plank having a unique texture in the same stain. The white shelves stand out against the neutral background. You can switch the colors according to the theme of your home.

I love this simplistic wood wall accent for the vanity by renovating_roden. The design uses thin wooden planks with a rough texture. Mostly that are attached to the wall using two thick black nails each. It has a pallet design that looks very rustic and classy. The wooden accent highlights the light bulb mirror due to its neutral tones. It is a beautiful and easy way to decorate your home vanity.

6. Sleek and Sophisticated Slat WallWood Accent Wall

Hereq. The design uses thin beige wooden slats stuck together on a black wall. This neat layout makes it a spectacular accent wall that looks unique yet subtle for your home office. The light beige color of the slats beautifully complements the black wall. You can customize the stain of the slats and their placement according to your liking.8. Fireplace 7.Dusky Wood Accen

Even a thin wall can be renovated using wood accents like in this idea by thorsonrestoration. This black and white fireplace has an elegant design created using a dusky wood planked accent wall. The design uses thick broad wooden planks stuck horizontally above the fireplace. For an additional touch, a diamond-shaped wooden mirror is stuck in the middle of the wood wall. This is a simple yet attractive way of designing your fireplace.

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