Despite their impersonal appearance, gift cards make great presents

gift card

It is only a matter of time before the holidays set in, and if you are running out of gift ideas to give to everyone on your gift list, don’t be afraid to pick up just one or two gift cards. There is a misconception that gift cards online are impersonal or last minute, but with a little extra care, they can be made to appear quite the opposite with a little added personalisation.

You must make sure you are selecting a gift card for a retailer your recipient would purchase a product from if they hadn’t received the gift card. If you are a person who makes a point of shopping locally, then you may be more inclined to give someone a gift card for a local retailer than gift cards online for a large department store, for example. As far as gift cards are concerned, there is no “one size fits all” gift card that will satisfy everyone, so it is important to do some preliminary research on the recipient’s preferences to ensure you make the right gift choice.

There is no denying that if you’re taking part in a Secret Santa and are having difficulty deciding what to give your long-lost cousin, a gift card to a meal delivery service will be appreciated. The holidays are when many people would greatly appreciate a respite from having to prepare a meal or do the dishes for just a couple of nights this year. If you are looking for a way to give the gift of time and a delicious takeout meal, why not win both birds with one stone? Regardless of your chosen service, ensure it operates in the city where your recipient lives. 

You can also customise the gift card selection so that it fits the needs or schedule of your recipient, as well as the immediate needs of your recipient. Do you have a best friend who is preparing to adopt a puppy? Is your sister regularly visiting the same salad joint for lunch weekly? If you remember your loved ones’ preferences, they will be deeply touched by your thoughtfulness and will likely be able to use the gift as soon as possible.

If you’re gifting a gift card to a friend or relative who will soon be moving, or if you’ve had to move, you can make the gift more thoughtful. If you are still in the process of determining what your next steps will be, you are not likely to want to accumulate more belongings. Still, you might appreciate having the chance to treat yourself to a nice dinner in the coming weeks or buy something special once you move in. It is also possible to send many gift cards electronically, so you won’t have to worry about them being misplaced in a sea of packages.

Lastly, to make your gift cards feel more special, include a personalised card or note with the gift card. Choosing to send the actual gift card via email will be a nice extra touch since we all love receiving something in the mail on Christmas Day, especially when we open it physically. Don’t feel shy about getting some festive stationery and going to town – the gesture will surely touch your friends and family. 

By John

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