Epoxy Resin Tips and Tricks Beginners Should Know Of


Craft is not just limited to pen and paper! You have many other options to make daily-use products using your creativity and ideas. One such option is epoxy resin art, where you can establish your DIY studio. 

You can create anything from a bangle to a photo frame with vibrant pigments, inks, and decorative items. However, like other arts, it also comes with its challenges. 

Before you start experimenting and testing your skills, it is crucial to know a few things! First, doing so can help you save plenty of time and money. After all, art supplies cost a lot of money. 

To smoothen your first epoxy experience, here are seven things to keep in mind.

Go Through the Instructions Carefully

There are multiple types of epoxy resins available in the market. Check your kit carefully and read the instructions at the back of the pack. Here, you will find all information about the speed of the process and the types of moulds you can use. 

Keep the Work Surface Protected

Think again if you are thinking about going forward with the resin art project on your favourite craft table! The surface you’ve chosen to work on can get uneven due to gradual resin buildup. In such cases, you should always keep a cookie sheet with a silicone mat handy.

Get a Mould Release

Beginners can face a lot of trouble getting their final piece out of the plastic mould. Having a mould release can help solve this issue relatively easily. You can also relate it to the oiling of a baking pan before it goes into the oven! It’s all about protecting the sides. 

Don’t Mix too Fast 

With resin craft, slow and steady wins the race! When mixing the epoxy solution, you need to be patient and careful. Mixing too fast will result in bubbles, thus ultimately affecting the look of your final project. 

Have All Essentials Nearby 

Whether you plan to decorate your final product with a rose petal or glitter, have all the essentials on the table. Once you have poured the resin mixture, it will cure up quick. You cannot dally around the house to look for the materials later. 

Stay Away From Dust and Water

Silicone collects dust way too quickly. So, pouring the resin mixture into a dirty mould will definitely affect the final product. Therefore, you must clean it properly using duct tape. Similarly, moisture is another enemy you need to avoid. If it’s raining or the mould is wet, postpone your plans to the next day.

Keep the Pets Away

If you have pets at home, try not to work in the same area. Needless to explain, their lungs are not made to deal with toxic resin and can have side effects you won’t like to deal with. Additionally, pet hair and resin are not a good combination! 

Wrapping Up

Checked the social media art pages lately? You’re bound to see an influx of resin art content. Using moulds and epoxy solutions, it is now convenient for anyone to take up a DIY project. 

However, before beginning, you must remember a few things. First, after mixing the solution, you must start working on it instantly. Once the resin is set in the mould, you must leave it undisturbed for 24-72 hours. 

Go through the above-listed tips and tricks and put your thinking caps on! 

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