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ESPEROS is a company that helps children in developing countries to obtain a quality education. Its founder, Oliver Shuttlesworth, was inspired by his visit to Central America, where he saw firsthand the debilitating effect of extreme poverty. He then set out to find a solution that would help these children and make a lasting impact on their lives. With this mission in mind, he created an innovative, sustainable solution to the problems of poverty.


The ESPEROS handbag was created by entrepreneur Sid Jawahar, who was raised in a household of strong women. The designer recognized that women were burdened by the weight of multiple bags. After observing the debilitating impact of extreme poverty in Central America, he was inspired to create a more sustainable solution. The bag is both water resistant and made from military cotton duck canvas. Its sturdy construction makes it easy to clean, and the leather and webbed trim are waterproof and resist stains and dust.


ESPEROS is a brand that gives back, donating a portion of sales to support a child in developing countries. They are similar to the Warby Parker and FEED Project brands in that they balance style with a social impact. The bags are made of lightweight cotton canvas and are designed to be casual, emulating the laid back style of Austin. Although the company has its headquarters in Austin, it only sells its bags online. Founder Oliver Shuttlesworth says it has explored the possibility of a retail store, but that the price is not the ultimate factor.


If you are looking for a bag that is perfect for everyday use, consider an Esperos Bag. This brand is committed to providing education for children in need with every bag that is sold. This backpack is made from water-resistant and military-grade canvas. You can even use it as a laptop bag with its padded sleeve. The size of esperos bags depends on the purpose and design of your bag.


The Esperos bags are made of durable canvas and have thoughtfully planned compartments, pockets, and attachments. They are designed with style and function in mind, and are suitable for any occasion. The cotton canvas material used by Esperos is free of harmful dyes and treatments, and is machine washable. Each piece is crafted in Austin, Texas. It’s hard to find a bag that combines such functionality and style with such affordability.


The ESPEROS bags are not your ordinary backpacks. Each one of these bags helps to fund the education of a child in a developing country. For every bag sold, a child in the developing world receives a free year of education. These bags are truly amazing. As a result, you’ll want to buy a few for friends and family, or treat yourself to one! Then, take a few minutes to learn more about this great company and consider making a donation today.

Brand’s mission

A brand’s mission statement should clearly state the ultimate purpose of the brand to its consumers. It should be an accurate and concise description of the brand’s objectives and it should remain consistent over time. A mission statement is different from a vision statement which describes the desired outcomes of a brand. A vision statement is more forward-looking and focuses on the long-term future of a business. It outlines the values and goals the brand aspires to achieve.


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