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Looking for a new and exciting sport to watch? Why not try a handball match? Handball is a fast-paced team sport popular in Europe and South America. Although it is not as well-known as sports like football or basketball, it is just as exciting to watch. This sport is similar to soccer but with a few key differences. For one, players are allowed to use their hands to pass, catch, and shoot the ball. This makes for a more dynamic and fast-paced game. Additionally, there are only seven players on each team, so there is more space on the field and more scoring opportunities.

How is Handball Played in the World?

The sport of handball sometimes referred to as “team handball,” “Olympic handball,” “European handball,” and “Borden ball,” is played by two teams of seven players (comprising a goaltender and the other six players on each team), who compete against one another. The six players pass the ball back and forth while attempting to throw it against the goalpost of the other team. There are two 30-minute halves to the play.

The winning team is the one with the most goals scored. Although certain modifications allow the game to be played outside as well, it is primarily played indoors. The two types of handball are field handball and Czech handball (also called sandball). Several people are drawn to handball because it moves quickly and involves physical contact. In addition, because of the small court, goals are scored frequently and copiously, enthralling the audience. The average number of goals scored in a single game is about 20. However, there have been games with as many as 30 goals in the past.

Players don’t wear any protective gear throughout a game, which comprises two halves of 30 minutes each and a break in between. Any body part above the knee can pass, dribble, or hit the ball to move it. Only the goalkeeper may kick the ball in a handball match. It is forbidden to carry the ball for more than three steps or to keep it for more than three seconds.

The Objective of the Handball Competition

In this sport, the objective is to outscore your opponent in terms of points scored. A typical game lasts 60 minutes. This is broken up into two 15-minute breaks, each lasting 30 minutes. For younger players, the practice can be 20 minutes instead.


A goal is scored when the ball is thrown into the opposition’s goal. You must outscore your opponent’s team to win a game. The participating teams receive overtime if the game is tied (with a maximum of 25 minutes). A shootout decides the game’s winner if the scores are still tied.

The setup

Each squad typically consists of seven players: six outfielders and one goalkeeper. In addition, a team will also have seven substitutes available at all times, which can be utilized without notifying the official.

Each goal area is surrounded by a semicircle known as the crease or zone. In addition, the free-throw line is marked with a dashed semicircle that extends 9 meters from the goal.

The ball must be small enough to fit in the palm of a player’s hand and made of leather or a synthetic substance. As a result, the ball may be disputed in three distinct sizes. One for people over the age of eight, II for women and men between the ages of 12 and 16, and III for males aged 16 and up, each with a circumference of 50 to 52 cm.
The handball court is 20 meters broad and 40 meters long. There are two goal sections and a playing space on the handball court. Goal lines are the shorter boundary lines, whereas sidelines are the longer ones. It can be found on either side of the goalposts between the goalposts or between the outside goal lines.

Rules of a Handball Match

Each half lasts for 30 minutes.
Seven players make up each team: a goaltender and six outfielders.
Any part of the outfielder’s body above the knee may be used to make contact with the ball.
A player that has possession has three options: pass, hold onto the ball, or shoot.
When a player gets possession, they are allowed to dribble for up to three seconds or take three steps without dribbling.
The goaltender may only touch the floor of the goal area.
Goalkeepers are allowed to leave the goal area but are not allowed to do so while still in possession.

Betting on a Handball Match

Handball matches are a bit different from other online sports betting markets. Even though handball is a relatively minor sport compared to soccer, basketball, and football worldwide, handball betting sites are extremely popular. This is attributed to the sport’s simple regulations, quick pace of play, and significant value for handicappers. In addition, handball bettors may be patient and wait for the best matchups before depositing because they have a variety of regional and international leagues and events to select from.


Watching a handball match is a ton of fun when you realize the intricacies of the game. Handball betting sites are just what you’re searching for if you’ve been looking for fresh betting markets—off the beaten path—where you may use your knowledge without too many sharp deposits wrecking the enjoyment!

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