Famous Dominican Model and Backup Dancer of the 1990s

In the early 2000s, Dominican-born model Celia stood out with her long, dark hair, caramel complexion, and stunning figure. She served as backup dancer to Jennifer Lopez and collaborated with P Diddy.

Unfortunately, her life took an unfortunate turn; mental health issues and drug addiction soon followed. After watching a television feature about her recovery journey, it appeared she might be on the right path again, but this newfound hope proved fleeting.


Suzy Perez was a renowned model and backup dancer of the 1990s, renowned for her flawless figure and gorgeous complexion. She graced the covers of top magazines worldwide and worked as a dancer for many renowned artists such as Jennifer Lopez and P Diddy.

Unfortunately, her career took an unfortunate turn for the worse when she was drugged, raped, and brutalized by men working for an Italian modeling agency.

After she left the agency, she was left to live on the streets. Her appearance has suffered as she has struggled with addiction and mental health issues.

Her family has tried to get her into rehab, but she has refused. So they launched a campaign to raise money for her recovery – so far they’ve reached half their target.

She once lived a glamorous life, but now lives on the streets of New York City, begging for money. Due to a severe drug addiction, her appearance is nothing like what it once was.

Life on the Streets

Suzy Perez, a Dominican model, once mesmerized the world with her beauty and figure. She graced the front covers of fashion magazines and served as backup dancer to music stars like Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs.

But in the early 2000s, her life took an unexpected turn for the worse. She joined a false modeling agency which drugged and raped her; further complicating matters, her mother’s passing further destabilized things and contributed to substance abuse problems.

She battled hard to stay sober, but ultimately succumbed and was forced back onto the streets of New York City. Fortunately, her family has done their best to support her through a GoFundMe campaign to cover medical bills for her treatment.

Despite all their efforts, she refused to enter a rehab facility or sign herself out of recovery – an administrative procedure in New York that permits people to remain on the streets without receiving treatment.


Suzy Perez made headlines in the early 2000s with her long, dark hair, caramel complexion and stunning figure. She quickly gained notoriety as a model photographer’s muse, appearing on numerous publications’ front pages.

Her glamorous life was turned upside-down when five men beat her, sexually assaulted her and left for dead. This tragic event ultimately caused addiction to drugs – leading to the end of all drugs for her.

Her addiction has now caused serious harm to both her mental and physical wellbeing. She has lost a considerable amount of weight due to the stress caused by living in poor conditions with scant access to nutritious food, while other aspects of everyday life remain neglected.

She’s been using money from her modeling days to fund a drug addiction, putting her family at risk. Her nephew Joshua recently posted photos of his aunt on Instagram, alleging she is abusing her former fame for drug purchases.

Her family is trying to raise enough funds for her to enter a rehab facility, but she is refusing. So far, the campaign has only reached half its goal.

Drug Addiction

Suzy Perez was a highly sought-after model in the entertainment industry during her prime. She was renowned for her caramel complexion, dark hair and stunning figure.

She had been a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez and P Diddy shows, as well as appearing in numerous music videos. However, by 2019, she was living on the streets and struggling with substance abuse problems.

Her family attempted to place her in a rehabilitation facility, but she refused. Now she wanders the streets of New York, asking for money and eating from trash cans.

Gelena has been covering the story and has made several attempts to help Suzy out. She reunited her with her son, secured food and clothing for her, and even took Suzy to a hair salon so that she could get cleaned up.

The former model has become a shadow of her former self and lost custody of her son. She’s now homeless on the streets, having relapsed back into substance abuse issues.

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