Fascinating facts about astrology that would leave you Awestruck

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We all have been in an Astro chat situation where our parents chat with astrologer about our future or their future or theirs instead. They believe every word and every action of an astrologer. They are so intelligent that they can predict or say something relevant about our future just by knowing our birth date, month, year, and time. In fact, before marriage, our parents show the “Kundali ” to an astrologer. It’s a type of ritual that every man and woman have to go through and our ancestors have been experiencing an astrology thing for decades. This is just nothing but a lot more than birthstone and compatibility. 

The following are some interesting facts about an Astro chat that would leave you awestruck. 

Presidents are Astrologers

So here is the interesting fact for you: Millennials shouldn’t be the only ones that stargaze; extremely powerful figures do as well. As per New Yorker, Ronald Reagan “contacted an astrologer before actually ‘nearly every area relocation and conscious choice,’ which would include his re-election campaign official statement,” in 1980. President Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th President of the United States) frequently quoted fortune tellers and managed to keep his control chart in his reception room. An online chat with an astrologer has taken place. 

The pandemic was predicted by astrologers

Even though one can never really be certain, whenever predictions are correct, we are frequently left lost for words. Fortune tellers all over the globe claim to have anticipated a “disruption” in 2020. An astrologer, Pandit Jagannath Guruji, tries to tell India to express that he found to predict international loss of jobs along with an economic collapse in 2020, adding, “the online Jyotish furthermore found to predict that too many people who are living internationally would bring it back to India.” I would have even warned some more of my service users that they will always experience medical problems, which turned out to be correct as a result of the disease outbreak.”

Scorpios are frequently world leaders

The scorpion is widely recognized as the Zodiac’s defined conditions, aggressive, and straightforward sign. If these are the qualities required of a leader in the world? Some believe this is the case. According to Vocativ, an analysis of 190 world leaders revealed that only certain Zodiac signs seem to be more inclined to hold positions of power. “Scorpios, born at the end of October to early December, have had the most members of the government, to 22, or perhaps more than 11% among those assuming responsibility cabinets worldwide,” as per the Daily Mail. Is indeed President Joe Biden a Scorpio, but then so are Hillary Clinton, Marie Antoinette, and Sun Yat Sen, the “Father of Modern China.”

Hitler’s natal chart foretold his future

An astrologer anticipated that anyone born on April 20, 1889, could very well come to prominence. Adolf Hitler was someone. Karl Krafft, a Swiss astrologer, predicted an assassination attempt on Hitler. Krafft was taken into custody by that the Nazis for foreseeing the unfortunate situation. When Goebbels realized the astrologer wasn’t guilty, he decided to hire Krafft as the Nazis’ in-house astrologer. Krafft’s astrological forecasts, according to Astrology Cosmos, “led Hitler to launch the important Success Barossa attack.”

Babylon was the birthplace of astrology

The origins of astrology as we know it can be traced back to Babylon. A few of those of the very first astrological record keeping date back to 4000 BCE in Babylonia, a cultural region. The movement of stars and planets was monitored and recorded by the Babylonians. Those same fortune tellers established the basis for Greek and Hellenistic astrological practices, which are already attempting to influence Western Astrology.

The moon affects your mood

Whenever the moon is full, visitors may probably have found themselves screaming and crying on the couch during their first love. What was the source of that? An investigation dating back to 400 B.C. “attributed the behavioral changes to the squeeze of the lunar surface.” After all, the term “lunatic” was based on the supposition that “changes in the emotional disorder have always been information relating to lunar cycles,” thus according to Healthline. Maybe this is why, in Shakespeare’s Othello, Emelia goes on to tell Othello that perhaps the moon has become too close to Earth and has driven men insane.


The above-mentioned points are not the least points that describe the interesting facts about Astrology online consultation, in fact, there are more than these. Moreover, online Jyotish had also said that water, air, fire, and earth are the four elements that make up the 12 zodiac signs. 

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