How to Detect the Fault in Mobile Phone? Read This Complete Guide

Your mobile is the major component in your life, and you can’t bear a single scratch on it. But once they get out of order or start showing signs of an issue, you immediately rush to the cell phone repair shop chula vista. So that you can fix it on time. Besides this, sometimes several mobile shops use different techniques, and it takes only a few minutes to fix your phone’s problem. 

But have you ever thought about what tools they use to test or detect the pain in your device? If you don’t know about it, you must read this article till the end. Because this article is going to discuss some important tools and methods that your technician uses to detect the main issue. 

Methods of Mobile Testing in Cell Phone Repair in Peoria

There are always two methods for testing any device or any electronics. But when trying to detect the issue from the defective parts of the cell phone, your technician divides this procedure into two parts. 

  1. Cold Testing Method 
  2. Hot Testing Method. 

Let’s discuss these two methods in detail.

Cold Testing Method

In the cold testing method, the procedure of univercell repair, the technician checks the resistance through the Multimeter. The multimeter is always used during the repairing process of the mobile phone. In this method, the technician doesn’t use any power supply to the defective mobile phone. There is no use of the DC power supply or any battery.

Furthermore, two main objects show the faults in the mobile through the multimeter. One is the Diode range, and the other is the Beep sound. These two are considered the most important step during the cold method.

Hot Testing Method

On the other hand, some cell phone repair shop chula vista, also uses the hot testing method for detecting and fixing faults in phones. The hot testing method is the alternative to cold testing when no issue can be seen. 

The process of the hot testing method is completely altered from the first method. The technician uses the voltage of those damaged parts and components creating the phone issue. Also, the power supply application becomes necessary with a battery and sometimes with a power supply.  

Further Procedure of Cold Method

The next step in the cold method is using the multimeter’s Red probe connected to the bottom of the cell phone PCB. The technician of the Cell Phone Charging Port Replacement will use the black search to combine it with the testing points of the phone. After that, the following values will appear: 

  • Ear Mobile Connector (+,-) 500-700
  • Speaker of Loud Volume (+, -) 300 – 400
  • Battery sensor (above, 800)
  • Connection of charger (800) 

And so on.

Next Procedure of Hot Method 

The next procedure of the hot method in the computer repair shop who have expert technician is alternate. Because the red probe connects with the bottom of the phone. And the black search is used for the detection of the fault. 

Tools for Testing the Phone

Here are some of the names of the tools that technicians of cell phone repair shop chula vista use: 

  • Card level 
  • Chip small level 
  • Multimeter 
  • Direct Current Power Supply
  • Battery 
  • Battery Connector 

For Electronic Components

  • Coil 
  • Resistor 
  • Capacitor 
  • Diode 
  • LED 
  • Simple Coil 
  • Boosting Coil 
  • Network IC 
  • Power IC 
  • CPU

All these are the important components and tools that often technicians of Cell Phone Charging Port Replacement use to detect the issue. 


Here are the main benefits of testing Mobile Phone Repair Shop chula vista 

  • Using the proper tools and methods gives you satisfaction with the functioning of the various apps. 
  • It improves the working mechanism of the phone. 
  • Also, you can create a good reputation among your customers and in the market. 
  • If you use the right tools with the perfect method, your customers will not complain to you again.


Using the tools and applying the right method for cell phone repair shop chula vista has been common. The process of tools gives you satisfaction and clarity in your job. Also, you can satisfy your customers with your services. 

Frequently Ask Questions 

Why are Tools Important?

Tools help you find the exact fault or issue in the mobile phone, and you can fix it on time. 

Can I Detect the Fault with Tools?

 No, you cannot detect any fault in the phone without using any tool.

How Much Does It Cost to Check the Phone via Tools?

It depends on the technician’s services, but you can also negotiate the price.

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