Find out the top 5 fast-food chains in India in 2022

Fast-food chains

Fast foods are hard to resist for anyone. No matter they do bear a taint of being a junk food that spoils the health and gave rise to problems like obesity. Well, eating any food item or a drink on regular basis will hamper your health as they are high in salt, sugar, saturated fat, and calories. So eat in proper amount so that you can enjoy the taste and can save your health from overeating. Well, we are not here to discuss the demerits of eating fast food but to list down the top 5 fast-food chains in India in 2022. But before we begin with the listing, let has had a brief overview of fast foods. 

Fast foods: What are they?

As the name suggests, fast foods are those which are served very fast to the consumers. They need not have to wait for long. You can fast food corners near metro stations, colleges, and offices. The street sellers make a lot of money in doing business with it. They cannot have the patience to sit for long and wait for their meal to come. In that case, fast foods come with the speed of supply. 

A study done in 2018 states about the flourishing business in fast foods went around $570 billion around the world. The reason for the term given as fast foods is because they are already cooked in time, and is ready to be served to customers. Many can patiently wait for food, but not all are the same. For an impatient customer, ordering pizza, momos, patties, hot dogs, or burgers is more better and time-saving than ordering a plate that might take time. 

Fast foods

It hardly takes much time in preparing frozen beef patties, bagged buns, and other junk foods. There are street vendors who take hygiene on top priority and wash vegetables that are required for the preparation of foods like french fries and hamburgers. They are always cooked fresh. So now you must have got the idea about the commercial term ‘fast food’. In short, these are those foods, which are pre-heated, frozen, or pre-cooked and are ready to be served to customers in the restaurants. It can either be in the packed form or on the table service. 

The rising popularity of fast foods

Fast foods have become much popular choice among people as an alternative to our usual regular family dinner culture. Witnessing the rise in it, now no one has ample time to cook food. In the United States, an average woman spends around 47 minutes preparing food. In the case of a man, he spends 19 minutes a day. 

If you are out of time and have to report to the office after lunch sooner, then eating fast food be it burgers, patties, or momos would certainly be the best choice that comes to mind. That’s because they are served quickly. It can be eaten on the go or in your respective four-wheelers to escape from the scorching summer heat. There has been immense growth in the IT services and have now come up with the apps to make it easy for the customers to place an order from homes. 

Top 5 fast-food chains in India in 2022

After knowing much about fast foods and their growing popularity, now let me list down some of the top fast-food chains in India. 


When it comes to the listing of the fast-food chains in India, then how can one miss the name of McDonald’s. It is one of the famous fast-food chain restaurants in America that has been in existence since 1940. Here you can eat burgers, french fries, chicken dishes, milkshakes, etc. In their menu, salads are also added. Crispy chicken with red tomato sauce gives an ultimate joy to customers here. 

Burger King

Coming on the next is Burger King. it is also one of the popular names after McDonald’s when it comes to best fast-food chains. Here you can dine out with your friends and can enjoy the yummy bites of whopping burgers, chicken club salad, crispy chicken tenders, and chicken nuggets. You can also have frosted frozen coke with any of these items. 


Joining the next on the list is Domino’s, a synonym for pizzas. Here you can enjoy eating delicious paneer makhani, deluxe veggie, and cheese Margherita. Through the years, Domino’s has established itself in being the preferred name when it comes to ordering pizza for a celebration. 


After these well-known fast-food chain restaurants, KFC comes as another big name. You can quench your cravings for fried chicken here. It never compromises when it comes to serving good quality foods to its customers. KFC has more than 300 stores in India.

Dunkin Donuts

Last on the list is Dunkin Donuts. It also ranks the best among the top big fast-food chains mainly in coffee shops and bakeries. Its foundation has been done long ago in 1950 and provides services in around 42 countries with 12,900 locations. Here you can have bagels, donuts, munchkins, coffee, and donut holes available on the menu. 

Ending note

Well, these are the top fast-food chains in India where you can place an order and can enjoy the yummy evenings with your friends. But be very careful of counterfeit foods as they can hamper your health because of the bad quality foods. However, Blokchi comes as the best anti-counterfeiting-based track and trace solutions platform for the customers.

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