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The internet has made it possible to watch movies on-the-go. Whether you’re traveling or simply want to pass some time, there are plenty of free movie download sites you can utilize like ibomma.

Netflix and Hulu have largely replaced movie torrent websites, but there are still some excellent alternatives out there. We’ve rounded up the best Movie download sites so you can keep watching films while on-the-go!


NoBudge is an innovative streaming platform that highlights the best in low-budget indie filmmaking. Here, visitors can find both short films and feature films created by emerging filmmakers.

The website is accessible for iOS and Roku devices, boasting a library of narrative, documentary, animation, sketch and web series content.

Since 2011, NoBudge has been the go-to platform for emerging independent filmmakers, featuring new voices, student films, and emerging cultures.


Vimeo is an online video platform specializing in high-quality streaming. It draws both content creators and viewers alike, especially those from the arts, music, and film industries.

Premium subscription plans provide various levels of storage, management, post-production, collaboration, marketing and monetization tools. It also offers personalized branding options as well as privacy controls and social distribution capabilities.

Vimeo offers a free version that limits video uploads to 500 MB per week. A paid version offers more features, such as an expansive 5GB weekly upload quota.


IMDb is an Amazon-owned website with an expansive library of movie and TV show information. It’s an invaluable source for discovering showtimes, ratings, and fan reviews.

IMDb also provides a watchlist feature, allowing you to keep track of your favorite films and shows. You can set it to public or private and share it with friends.

IMDb also features a video section with behind-the-scenes clips, director commentaries and blooper rolls – making it an invaluable asset to any movie buff’s collection.


Freedive is a webapp that offers access to an expansive library of movies and TV shows. It works on Fire TV devices and can be accessed by signing in using your Amazon, Facebook, or Google account details.

Additionally, it has an X-Ray option that pulls information from IMDb about a show or movie – including cast, crew, trivia and more.

This site offers an excellent opportunity to discover new content and enjoy a wide selection of movies without spending a penny. It boasts an expansive library that is updated daily.


MoviesFoundOnline is an online movie archive that displays free content from around the Internet. The library includes films, short films, documentaries, animations, series & shows as well as standup comedy performances.

The website features a search bar. Visitors can browse by genre and refine their results using an easy dropdown menu.

This website boasts an impressive library of free movies and a user-friendly interface. It boasts both independent films and short films.

Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is a legal, free website that offers access to classic entertainment content. With links to more than 500 movies in the public domain that can be downloaded via BitTorrent, Public Domain Torrents provides easy access to classic films from around the world.

They offer a diverse selection of genres, such as silent movies, kitsch trash and some great stuff too. There are even some hidden Hollywood gems like 1937’s A Star Is Born.

They offer a section for downloading podcasts. The interface on this site is user-friendly and straightforward – an ideal place to begin if you are new to torrenting.

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