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Are you in the habit of getting inspired by someone when it comes to dressing up or choosing a piece in the store? The nice thing about looking at some references is to see which ones you like best and identify, first of all, your own style.

After all, not always the amazing production that an artist used will be something practical or adaptable to your routine. In this way, it is necessary to observe the main points that make up a style and see which ones you like best and can take into your day to day life.

Dressing well and with personality can seem like a difficult task, so in today’s post we have decided to show you 10 stylish men who can be an inspiration when it comes to choosing the look of the day. Check out the list we prepared for you!

1. Diplo

The DJ and music producer draws attention for his versatility, but without leaving aside a strong pinch of his personality. As he is always on the road, traveling the world for his concerts, Diplo is seen as a man of traveling style, who adapts to local customs and culture.

But, in general, he is modern and does not dispense with baggy clothes with a more sporty feel for everyday life. Jeans, sweatshirts, and caps are part of his closet, as well as a variety of glasses (sunglasses and prescription glasses).

2. Ryan Reynolds

Do you want a style that is completely compatible with a work routine without losing elegance? Then Ryan Reynolds is the person to inspire you! The actor wears very classic pieces, like jeans and a shirt, but he always inserts some element to give a difference, like, for example, a vest.

For more formal occasions, as on the red carpets of big events, Ryan always impacts with some unexpected detail in the production, like a thematic tie.

3. Bruno Gagliasso

Men around here are becoming more and more authentic, and Bruno Gagliasso, a Brazilian actor, is a reference in dressing well. Always up to date with the latest trends, the actor shows two well-defined traits in his productions: the rocker side and a more casual folk tone.

And what can you not miss in his closet? Jeans shirts, baggy t-shirts, casual sneakers, and some bracelets and rings for a fashionable touch.

4. Lucky Blue

You may never have heard of this name, but the fact is that Lucky Blue is one of the most loved models on social networks and was already a success even before he turned of age. And when it comes to style, the young man also has many followers.

Always wearing basic shades of black and gray, Lucky dresses very naturally, with lots of dark jeans and jackets, always with an All Star style sneaker or boots on his feet. The focal point of his look is certainly his hair. Whether with a big topknot or long, disheveled strands, this part of his look never goes unnoticed.

5. Gerard Pique

Considered one of the most beautiful soccer players in the world, Gerard Pique has become the focus of major fashion brands, and today he shows that he knows how to dress very well. When not wearing his uniform, the Spaniard does not dispense comfortable looks with jeans and sneakers, but also likes to bet on boots and leather jackets.

6. Ryan Gosling

One of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, Ryan Gosling also stands out for his productions. Some of the items most worn by the American are basic T-shirts in white, black, and gray, always with a slightly deeper and rounder collar; jeans and tailored pants; cardigans and other jackets; and boots or sapato casual masculino without socks.

Most of the time, Gosling prefers tighter fitting clothes and is always wearing authentic old school sunglasses.

7. Rodrigo Santoro

Another Brazilian personality for the list! The most international Brazilian actor is a discreet and elegant man. On a more basic day-to-day life, Rodrigo Santoro wears jeans and a shirt, always with a mid-calf boot for a more relaxed atmosphere.

When it comes to gala looks, the actor is not afraid to dare. He doesn’t opt only for the classic black suit and usually bets on more striking colors, such as blue.

8. Jared Leto

The singer and actor has gone through many different phases, but the basis of his looks are very casual pieces. What calls a lot of attention to Jared Leto’s looks are the overlaps. A single production of the musician can be composed of jeans, a tank top, a plaid shirt tied around the waist, a leather jacket, and a scarf.

Another important point in Jared’s style is his hair, which was once pink, underwent many other transformations, and is now long.

9. Pharrell Williams

The musician who became famous for the song Happy is an example of daring productions. Super connected to the fashion universe, Pharrell Williams is not afraid to take risks and to make unusual mixtures.

The musician usually combines designer pieces with other more sporty ones, always playing with a mixture of textures and styles. Hats are already an essential item in his productions, and he also usually wears a lot of shorts and medium-length pants.

10. David Beckham

And last but not least, he is considered one of the best dressed men among world celebrities. David Beckham could not be left out of this list, because he managed to find his own style of dressing and is still an inspiration for men, especially for young soccer fans.

The player usually follows two lines: relaxed, with a lot of jeans, plaid shirts, and caps; and the more aligned productions, with tailored suits and often without the jacket and with the shirt sleeves folded up.

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