Getting To Know Home Water Filtration Options for Palm Coast

While Palm Coast municipal water meets all safety standards, many homeowners prefer extra purification removing potential particulates, smells/tastes or contaminants that pass through standard city filtering.

Adding supplemental water filtration at home through specialized equipment targets finer purification. We’ll overview the main types of filtration systems, key reasons for adding extra home water cleansing methods plus analysis to decide what might suit your Palm Coast household best.

Why Bolster City-Filtered Water Further?

According to the latest Consumer Confidence Report, Palm Coast utility water contains regulated standard disinfectants plus distribution-related contaminants all within designated health limits. Still, some choose supplemental filtering for:

  • Reducing remnants of chlorine aftertaste from required city disinfection
  • Stripping traces of lead or asbestos from aging indoor pipes/components
  • Removing occasional rust particulate creating visible cloudiness/residue
  • Eliminating protozoa like giardia more common in surface water sources

Adding extra filtration creates cleaner water for drinking, cooking, bathing and appliances. Filtration also benefits pipes by reducing scale-creating contaminants long term.

Popular Filtration System Types

Whole House Carbon Filtration: Used as pre-filters on softeners, these remove sediment and chemicals using activated carbon media. Helpful for older home plumbing or dirty sources.

Reverse Osmosis: Pushes water through membranes extracting dissolved solids and microscopic contaminants. Creates best drinking/cooking purity.

Ultraviolet Disinfection: UV lights eliminate bacteria and organisms without chemicals. Often used where wells feed household plumbing.

Sediment Filters: Traps particulate like dirt, silt and rust particles suspended in water chemically. Great if rusty brown water issues.

When deciding on home water filtration in Palm Coast, consider source purity, piping age, desired water uses and household size. A hydrocare water specialist can recommend the ideal standalone or combination filtration setup meeting your home’s needs. Investing in better home water often pays dividends through enhanced usability, taste and even appliance protection long term.

By hassan shabeer

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