A Guide to Buying Baby DogeCoin


Baby Dogecoin was introduced as one of the meme coins available on the cryptocurrency exchange. The coin was created as a successor to its predecessor Dogecoin, which became popular in the world of cryptocurrency exchange. It was launched on June 1, 2021, with a price of $0.000000000175 (i.e.,0.00 in INR). An interesting fact about the launch of this currency is that the value of the currency exploded 44 times higher than its set initial value during the time of the coin’s launch.

Before delving into the process of buying baby dogecoin, let’s first get to know a little bit about its working and the unique features it offers to its holders.

The working protocol of the Baby Doge (BABYDOGE) coin

Whenever an investor invests in Baby Doge, a transaction fee is levied to encourage investments. As a result of such investment, Baby Doge awards its ownership holders by adding their coins to their electronic wallets after each transaction is incurred. By holding Baby Doge coins in your wallet, you will receive a 5% allocation of the transaction value. 

Unique features of the Baby DogeCoin (BABYDOGE)

  • Benefits for traders

One of the distinguishing aspects of Baby Dogecoin is its 10% transaction fee. A certain percentage of the trader’s cryptocurrency is contributed towards the liquidity pool and redistribution. In layman’s words, for keeping the Baby Dogecoin, an incentive of 10% is required. If you ever think of selling your coins, a 10% transaction fee will be charged. But, if you retain them, you will receive a percentage of the charge when some other trade sells them.

  • Fewer Transaction Fees

The Baby Doge coin surpasses its successor Dogecoin in terms of offering low transaction fees to its users by less than one US cent (0.7121 INR).

  • Baby Doge Debit Card

Another added benefit of Baby Doge is that it permits its users to load fiat funds via bank transfer with the help of their debit card. The Baby Doge debit card will offer its users the freedom to trade cryptocurrencies for fiat money and also buy and send cryptocurrency.

  • Ample supply of the coins

During its debut, around 420 quadrillions of Baby Doge coins were launched. This gave an indication of an abundant supply of the coins to the potential and professional investors or traders who became interested in investing in the coin.

After exploring what is dogecoin, how it works and what features it offers, here comes the question, how can you buy it?

The procedure to buy a Baby Dogecoin is as follows:

How to buy a Baby Dogecoin?

The complete procedure of purchasing a Baby Dogecoin takes around 15 minutes. Moreover, you will need a laptop or smartphone, a photo identification, an internet connection and a mode of payment.

The steps to purchase Baby DogeCoin are as follows:

  • The simplest way to buy Baby Dogecoin is by buying it from a crypto exchange. 
  • The next step is to make an account on the crypto exchange. Have your phone and photo ID ready to verify the email address and your identity.
  • Once you are verified, you can deposit the payment Nu using your preferred choice of payment method such as bank transfer, PayPal payments etc.
  • Now, you can exchange your funds for Baby Doge Coins. Just enter the number of coins you want to buy and then click buy. You can also add the Baby Doge coins to your crypto wallet.

Baby Dogecoin is a new coin in the crypto market. Thanks to the success of its successor, it is garnering optimum momentum from traders all over the world. Therefore, before making a decision to invest in it, take ample time to research its aspects and compare it with other cryptocurrencies to make an informed decision.

By kazim kabir

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