Hairstyles And Tips To Curl Your Hair Extensions

Get the hair extensions for curly hair for easy blend

We all love how curly hair gives us these super beautiful textures, which we can flaunt with whichever style we choose to wear. With extensions for curly hair, there are always immense ways of styling them, like wearing them in kinky curls or beachy waves; it goes with whichever style you desire.

So, here are some tips to easily curl hair like tape-in or clip-in. Read below and inspire yourself with these ideas.

How To Curl Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

Get the curly clip in human hair extensions from halo couture
Get the curly clip in human hair extensions from halo couture

If the extensions you have brought are not curly clips in human extensions but straight clip in human extensions, you can always manipulate the style by using hot tools and other curling tools like rollers and blow dryers. It’s great if you remember to style your hair extensions first, then put them on and try to mix them in with your natural hair.

Here are tips for doing different types of curls with your clip-in extensions with a curling iron.

Beachy Waves

Beachy waves
Beachy waves

Everyone loves how the beachy curls look, the textures on these curls are really beautiful, and you can slay them with every outfit. For this hairstyle;

  • Hang the clip-in hair extension on a hanger, or if you are comfortable styling them attached to your hair, depending on your comfort.
  • Then take your curling iron.
  • With the help of your curling iron, take an inch of your hair on your hand and start curling them from the middle.
  • Make sure that the curls are big and dont have small coil curls.
  • The curls should be made in an outward motion away from your face.
  • If you have started curling from the left front side of your face, then when you reach the back of your head, you have to switch the direction of the curls you make.
  • This way, you will be able to slay these beachy waves without your curly clip in human extensions.

Coil Curls

Coil curls
Coil curls

Another curly hairstyle that you can do without your clip in human hair extension is coil curls, one of the most trending hairstyles that every woman loves. For this hairstyle;

  • Take an inch of your hair extension
  • Curl right from the top
  • In this coil curly hairstyle, you can either curl outward or inward, depending on the style you want.
  • The curls should be small
  • Cool off the curls
  • Brush the curls with a wide-tooth comb or run your fingers through them.
  • Sprintz some hairspray, and then you are ready to slay your looks.

How To Curl Your Tape In Hair Extensions

Curly tape in hair extensions
Curly tape in hair extensions

To curl your tape in human hair extensions, you will need to be extra careful. You can also purchase the curly tape in extensions for an easy blend with your natural hair, but you can also manipulate the style if you already have the straight tape in extensions.

As the extensions for curly hair are already taped on your natural hair, you have to remember to spritz some heat protectant spray before using any hot tools. Below is a curly hairstyle that you can create.

Defined Curls

Defined curls
Defined curls

The defined curls have that soft texture that you will love the styling. It is similar to the beachy curls but with more defined curls.

  • Comb your hair and make sure it is detangled
  • Sprintz some heat protectant spray
  • Clip your natural hair on the top
  • Start curling your curly tape in extensions with your curling iron
  • Make sure that the curls are big and form a beautiful spiral curls
  • Once you curl the hair extensions, you can then make curls on your natural hair and blend them beautifully.


Choosing the right extensions to curl is important. However, if you choose hair extensions for your curly hair, it will be easy to blend with your natural hair. With the tips on curling your hair extensions and some curly hairstyles to create. Make the right choice and slay your looks.

If you want to install hair extensions for your curly hair and want to right brand of hair, then buy your extensions for Halo couture as they have some of the best 100 human hair extensions for you.

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