How is a Company Health Insurance Policy Beneficial for an organization?

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For every successful business, the employees are the underlying strength and source of growth. It is a foremost responsibility of an organization to take care of their employee’s health and wellness. Providing adequate health insurance policy coverage for all employees is the first step, to begin with. There is numerous health insurance for companies offered by renowned providers in India to choose from. After prior research, the business or organization can choose the policy that perfectly fits the requirements of their employees. Also, having a proficient company health insurance can benefit the business in a myriad of ways. 

To help you understand better, here is why a company health insurance policy is beneficial for an organization. Keep reading to know more!

1. Reduced Operating Costs:

It is a way to keep or lower the company’s operating costs. Why? Because employees are more apt to work for a lower salary when health insurance policy benefits get provided. It is because opting for health insurance for a family or an individual would cost more than getting the sponsored health insurance coverage, making the difference of the lower salary negotiable. Moreover, an organization can opt for many health insurances for companies. 

2. Tax Advantages:

It is beneficial to opt for health insurance for companies and get tax advantages. Businesses offering a health insurance policy to their employees can deduct their contribution portion and show them as a business expense to get a tax benefit from the Government. Moreover, the group health insurance is 100% tax-deductible, as suggested by the Income Tax Department of India. It means one gets a tax deduction when paid for the employees’ healthcare. The amount paid as a premium gets accounted for in the business expense category. 

3. Increases Competition:

When an employee has to choose between two working environments with a similar salary, perks, and incentives, then the extra Goodwill that an organization has created by offering health insurance benefits matters. It helps the company to set in the competition and pull the employees in their favour. Businesses giving a health insurance policy as part of their employees’ benefits package can attract more qualified candidates than those who don’t. It is especially true when the industry competitors in the same industry area and expertise offer health insurance benefits. Moreover, it is advisable to opt for health insurance for companies to stay ahead of their competitors. 

4. Lower Insurance Costs:

Businesses providing health insurance for companies usually get better rates than an individual. The insurance provider offers lower rates because the overall risk taken by an organization gets allocated over a small group. The group health insurance premium is cost-effective and affordable compared to an individual health insurance plan. The more people in the group health insurance policy, the lower the costs. The risks spread over a large people group, ensuring the premium expenses stay less. Thus, it benefits the business organization to provide health insurance policies to the employees. 

5. Increases Productivity:

The employee’s productivity largely depends on the factors such as work culture, job security, health protection, financial security, etc. If they financially get covered under the group health insurance policy for hospital expenses, it makes them feel appreciated and valued. Hence, it is beneficial to opt for health insurance for companies to reap the benefits of a productive workforce. 

6. Creating Goodwill:

Creating Goodwill in business will help you build a long-term relationship with the customers. Thus, if an organization conducts any CSR activity, it will reflect brand loyalty amongst the consumers, which will increase the brand’s reputation. 

Similarly, if an organization offers a group health insurance policy, it will reflect a company’s Goodwill towards the workforce in their work. It is advantageous to opt for health insurance for companies to maintain employees’ loyalty. 

7. No Pre-Requisites Required:

When an organization provides health insurance for companies, there is zero formality to fulfil. Group health insurance policy does not require pre-requisites such as mandatory medical tests and heavy paperwork. Thus, it saves the effort and time of the company. It is also very easy for the company to opt for health insurance for their whole workforce. Without such pre-requisites and formats in place, the process has become much hassle-free. 

8. Employees Retention:

In a business, a group health insurance policy plays a crucial role in employee retention by offering them health protection and medical expenses. When the employees understand the supreme motive of the company or organization to take care of them in the first place, they usually tend to stick with the same business for years. This will effectively improve the ratio of employee retention boosting the value of the company. A company’s health insurance policies lead to the employees’ well-being. 

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