How to Choose the Best Smartphone in Your Pricing Range

How to Choose the Best Smartphone in Your Pricing Range

Today there are many different types of smartphones, some with more features than others. With a smartphone, it is possible for a person to be able to connect to the Web through a 3G or WiFi network; query a location using a GPS; play MP3 or video files; take pictures and record videos; use games; manage an agenda: and, in some cases, even view work documents created in PDF or other formats.

There are numerous advantages that stand out from having a smartphone, among which are the following:


When buying smartphones, the processor is one of the most appreciated features by users. The speed and usability of the device, as well as its efficiency, depend on it.

In essence, it is the brain of the smartphone, since without it. It would not be possible to use cameras, process applications, and other functions that we are used to.

The processor is responsible for handling the information commands that the user sends through the screen.

The performance of the phone in the hands of the user depends on them, being one of the determining points for the classification of smartphones, which is carried out in ranges, according to their technical specifications.


The information that is sent and received from a smartphone needs to be stored. This process is carried out in two different ways, through the use of two memories included inside the device, which are:


It is a volatile or virtual memory. It works by storing information for immediate use, but this information disappears once the phone is turned off or the application is not used.

This memory is responsible for storing all the processes required by the applications for their correct operation.

The higher the RAM memory capacity, the better the performance of the device, since it can execute a greater number of actions simultaneously without suffering congestion.

ROM Memory

This is much more physical memory. The information that is stored in the ROM memory does not disappear when the phone is turned off and, in general, it is responsible for taking care of all the system data, applications, images, videos, sounds, etc.

Modern devices have incorporated large ROM memories, with the ability to store a large amount of information without running out quickly, making them more efficient.

Touch screen

On the subject of screens, a great change has been seen. At the beginning of the smartphone revolution, the screens only functioned as a display device, but they have evolved into input devices from which we can have complete control of the phone and all its functions.

The quality of the screen, the size, and the additional functions such as its biometric capacity are advances that have occurred in recent years.


5 years ago, smartphones incorporating VGA cameras were a novelty, although the quality of the images captured was not the best.

Now, after years of development, the latest generations of mobile devices include triple cameras that allow for different photographic effects and with resolutions greater than 48 megapixels.

Low-End phones

They are the most affordable product line from each manufacturer and offer mobiles under 15000 an overall quality suitable for the average, undemanding user.

It is usual for low-end devices to have limited storage capacity, cameras with a functional resolution but not the most optimal, and somewhat slower processors compared to the rest of the ranges.

They cater to an undemanding market that only requires the basic qualities of a smartphone, such as browsing the internet and the eventual handling of social networks and instant messaging applications.

Mid-Range phones

This range caters to a segment of the market that opts a little more for quality and prefers to spend a little money to get a better-performing smartphone.

The big brands are waging a pitched battle for market dominance in this range, offering advanced devices with great qualities for users, the best mobile under 20000 in Pakistan but achieving considerable savings in the manufacturing budget by working with less resistant materials.

Without a doubt, it is the range of smartphones with the best relation between price and quality. They include sensors, high-resolution cameras, screens with interesting features, and other features that are well appreciated by users.

Even though they have greatly improved their quality, it is still a fairly cheap line of devices for the number of functions and quality of components that they incorporate, because it is the segment with the greatest competition among brands.

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