How to Choose the Right 2D Game Development Company?

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Back in the 1980s, when 3D was first making its foray into gaming, many believed that it would become extremely life-like and would eventually get rid of 2d game development company altogether. 

The first one did happen. 3D games now have progressed so much that they are extremely life-like. 

The second one, however, didn’t happen. 2D is still around and is still very popular. Plenty of 2D game developers are releasing successful games across several platforms.

Despite being owners of high-end gaming devices, console and PC gamers still love 2D games. And when it comes to mobile, 2D is the dominant graphics style. The majority of the top games in the App Store and Playstore are 2D games.

This wide acceptance is mainly because 2D games have a unique aesthetic and provide a unique gameplay experience. And many would even prefer it to 3D gaming experiences. 

This is also why it is a good idea to create a 2D game of your own. Especially with the help of a top 2D game development company.

But how can one identify and select the best game development companies from the bad ones? Lucky for you, we have assembled a few metrics that will make the process of finding the best 2D game development company a bit easier:

Here Are Some Tips to Choose the Right 2D Game Development Company:

The portfolio is the most reliable metric to assess whether a 2D game development company is good or not. By looking at it, you will be able to discover how competent the said team is at designing and developing 2D games of all types.

It will allow you to find out all about the many games the said company has developed over the years. A top 2D game development company might have developed hundreds of games, and their portfolio will prove to be a testament to their prowess and experience.

It will also allow you to assess whether the team is competent enough to handle the development of your game. When you look at the portfolio, you might see games that belong to the same genre as yours or have similar gameplay. You can look at how they have executed these games and if you are satisfied, you can go with them.

  • Game Engines

The majority of the best games out there are created using game engines. Because game engines have a lot of features that allow 3D and 2D game developers to develop their games faster and better.

A top 2D game development company must be able to work with the top 2D game engines available. This includes powerful game engines like Unity and Cocos2d-X. Using these game engines, game developers from these companies would be able to create the games of your choice.

And if you already have a particular game engine in mind, it also makes sense to make sure the 2D game development company of your choice can work with your chosen game engine.

  • Target Platform Experience

Another crucial area is the target platform in which your game will be released.

This relies on two decisions. Are you intending to make the game a single-platform game or a multi-platform game?

Because one of the advantages of developing a 2D game is that it can become a success on multiple platforms. Take games like Limbo and Terraria for example, both of which are insanely successful in Console, PC, and mobile platforms.

If you decide to develop your game on a single platform, you must make sure the 2D game developers you choose have experience working under that particular platform. They must be able to optimize the performance and set controls for the game in a way that makes it more apt for that particular platform.

On the other hand, if you decide to develop for multiple platforms, the same rules apply. But instead of one, your team will have to have experience working with all the platforms you are targeting. They must also be able to optimize the game and tailor the gaming experience to each separate platform, without it losing its essence.


Getting the right team to develop your 2D game is a really good idea. And by assessing various teams on the above metrics, you can easily find a team of 2D game developers who will develop your game exactly how you want.

By kazim kabir

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