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If you own a pool, you may be wondering how to use dolphin robotic pool cleaners. These devices are designed to clean any size pool and can even be operated without human supervision. Just place the robot in the water, power it up, and let it do its thing. The robot will then do the work for you! Once the process is complete, the robot will return your pool to a sparkling condition. You can even leave it alone while you do your other chores, and all you have to do is to turn it off.


If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin Quantum is a perfect choice. This machine has anti-tangling swivel technology and a weekly scheduler so you can set it to clean your pool every day, every other day, or even three days. Unlike other robotic pool cleaners, Quantum can clean a large residential pool without getting tangled. Its high-tech features include a weekly scheduler and anti-tangling swivel technology, making it an easy cleaning machine for large residential pools. Additionally, it cleans the walls of your pool, a feature that many other models can’t offer.

The Quantum robot features vortex jets on both sides and jet propulsion on the top. These jets provide the robot with the thrust and lateral movement needed to thoroughly clean the pool. It can also clean in a horizontal line along the walls of your pool. The Quantum also has continuous tracks for traction and turning radius. This feature makes it easier for the robot to maneuver over obstacles and climb walls with ease. It weighs approximately 27 pounds.

The Quantum robot has a dual 24-volt DC motor and a lightweight Exoskel body. It is easy to operate and features dual scrubbing brushes. The motor is located low in the underbody for better balance. It operates on less electricity than traditional robotic pool cleaners, and it offers an exceptional two-hour cleaning cycle. Another feature that makes it an excellent choice for residential pools is its anti-tangling swivel technology, which prevents the machine from tangling and getting tangled with other debris.

The Quantum Dolphin robotic pool cleaner also uses interchangeable microns for its filter. This means it can trap all kinds of debris, and your pool will be clean every time. You can schedule the Quantum to clean your pool once a day, twice a week, or thrice a week. It has multiple settings to suit your schedule. The Quantum is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.


The Dolphin S200 robotic pool cleaner is a popular choice among pool owners due to its many benefits. Its CleverClean scanning system makes cleaning your pool a breeze and reduces the chances of getting stuck. Additionally, this pool cleaner features an anti-tangle cable. Besides being a highly effective cleaner, it also comes with a few useful features, which will help you make it last for a long time.

The Dolphin S200 has plenty of great features, including the CleverClean navigation system, which maps the optimal path to clean your pool. Its PowerStream mobility system produces multi-directional water jets for maximum suction to the surface of the pool. The system also offers excellent waterline and wall climbing abilities. The price of this pool cleaner is low, and you can buy a warranty and repair it in the store, Zodiac mx6 automatic pool cleaner reviews.

The S200 is more lightweight than the S300i Smart but has a similar set of benefits. Both robots feature a quick water release system, so the water will come out much faster. They both feature an ergonomic design and come with a nifty caddy to help you move the robot around the pool. Both models have an upgraded filtration system and use a filter basket. Rinsing is a breeze too, as the system also has a removable filter basket.

The Dolphin S200 robot pool cleaner is designed to give your swimming pool a deep clean. With superior filtering capabilities, the S200 is operational on both vertical surfaces and water lines. Another benefit is its Climate Care certification, which means that you can save on your energy bills and water. Its battery life is long enough for long-term use. If you are looking for a robot that provides an outstanding cleaning experience, the S200 will be a great investment for your pool.

Maytronics Dolphin M 600

If you’re looking for an advanced pool cleaner that is sure to keep your water crystal clear, look no further than the Maytronics Dolphin M600. This premium robotic cleaner features advanced technology and user-friendly benefits that make it an excellent choice. Whether you want to enjoy a more relaxing time or are simply tired of scrubbing your pool, the M600 will keep your water crystal clear and safe.

It’s equipped with a powerful gyroscope and advanced scanning software to avoid obstacles in its path while cleaning. The robotic cleaner is flexible enough to clean any pool and avoid blockages. Another great feature of the M600 is the PowerStream mobility feature, which allows it to move easily across the pool floor to scrub all surfaces thoroughly. Its multi-layer filter means that it won’t be clogged with dirt or debris like other robotic cleaners.

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The M600 is equipped with a dual-layered top-load filter that is designed to capture large, fine, and ultra-fine debris. It also includes a weekly timer, which can be set using the MyDolphin app. It is capable of cleaning the entire pool and is so smart that you can even watch it clean from your bench seat. And it does an excellent job. It can be purchased for $2,800 in September 2021.

It’s easy to use and is a great choice for cleaning your pool. The Dolphin M 600 is equipped with revolutionary technologies and customizable features to give you the best cleaning performance. With its MyDolphin Plus mobile app, you can even control the robot’s operation from your phone or tablet. With this advanced robot, you’ll be able to clean your pool without having to spend hours cleaning it yourself.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaning machine will leave your in-ground pool sparkling with a superior sparkle in just two hours. Designed specifically for in-ground pools, this handy robot is capable of a thorough scrubbing. This machine will scrub your pool, while you sit back and relax, and enjoy the superior sparkle your pool offers. Its compact design allows for easy storage and transport, yet it’s capable of a thorough scrubbing.

When cleaning your pool, the CC Plus will scan the entire area with CleverClean Technology, which spins at twice the speed of a standard pool cleaner. The top loading filter basket is large and easy to clean, and the machine will automatically expel water and debris. Because this cleaner uses Clever Cleaning sensors, it will learn the shape of your pool and how to best clean it. It also has two rotating brushes that clean your entire pool without leaving any noticeable traces of debris.

The CC Plus has dual-layered filters, which trap smaller debris while depositing larger particles in a larger compartment. This design makes the cleaner much faster and less headache-inducing than other robotic pool cleaners. Its durable brush, which can last a full year, catches more dirt than other models. The CC Plus will clean your pool interior in just two hours, saving you the time required for manual cleaning.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is a powerful, affordable robotic pool cleaner. It requires only five minutes of set-up and no pump or hose. It completes most pool cleaning cycles in less than two hours. It comes with a two-year warranty. The CC Plus is an excellent purchase for busy families. It may also be worth considering for your pool. It is affordable and powerful, making it a great choice for busy families.

Polaris P965iQ

You may be wondering how to use the Polaris P965iQ robotic pool cleaning system. The first thing you need to do is to empty the canister before the robotic cleaner cleans the pool. The robotic cleaner is equipped with a durable caddy. It will flip over once a week to empty the debris and clean the pool floor. However, it is not recommended to empty the canister every week as it will not be as effective as the machine.

The built-in scheduler allows the robot to automatically start its cleaning cycle every day, every other day, or every third day. The unit has a large filter basket, a weekly scheduler, and three frequency settings. The robot can clean any size or style of pool and does a great job. However, one downside is that the power supply is not waterproof. However, its quick cleaning abilities compensate for this small flaw.

The Polaris P965iQ robot is a 4WD robotic pool cleaner that offers premium cleaning performance. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network and allows you to set recurring cleaning schedules for the cleaner to follow. The iAquaLink app gives you access to troubleshooting guides and instructions for use. A smartphone is also compatible with the robot. The Polaris P965iQ can clean even the largest in-ground pools.

The Polaris P965iQ robot cleaner features an extra-large Easy Clean Filter Canister and an Easy Lift Removal System for easy cleaning. Its filtration system is designed to pick up both large and small particles. It can also pick up the fine particulate matter. Unlike manual pool cleaning systems, this robot is simple to set up and operate. The control unit has a 50-foot cord for convenient transport and storage.

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