How to Wear a Dirndl Like a Local?


The Tourists associate Dirndls with Beerfest-Oktoberfest and with the lively sound of music. In Germany, they are a part of daily community life. Every household of a German woman has one Dirndl dress proudly displayed in the wardrobe. 

Dirndls are lively dresses; however, they serve many practical uses in daily life too. 

German Dirndl Dress – The Many Looks of a Dirndl

The traditional Dirndl dress comes in different looks and styles – sexy, energetic, feminine, kitsch, classic, or retro. Despite the different types, all Dirndls are bodice dresses, consisting of a skirt, a bodice, an apron, and a low-cut blouse with puffy sleeves. 

Dirndl Online Shop carries a huge selection of authentic Dirndls, that are not only traditional but also carry the Ultra-Modern elements of 2022. 

The Authentic Bavarian Dirndl Dress

If you want to experience the true essence of a proper Dirndl dress, take a trip to a German or Austrian village on a Catholic holiday. They are characterized by the church ceremony, followed by a procession of the priest and parishioners and the town band: families dust and air their traditional outfits for the occasion. 

Traditional Dirndl for Fronleichnam 

The women in Tules, Austria, take part in the Fronleichnam parade in their traditional Dirndl dresses.

If you go to a traditional German-Bavarian wedding without wearing a Dirndl dress, you will undoubtedly feel like a fish out of water. 

You can also see German women wearing Dirndl dresses in places of leisure such as restaurants and hotels, where the staff is encouraged to add a traditional feel to the atmosphere. And clearly, we are not complaining. The Dirndls are a sight to behold. 

The dirndls are designed to accentuate and appreciate the natural curves of a woman. Women who are well endowed will appreciate a Dirndl that shows off their assets in a subtle yet classic way. Even the women who are not well endowed will find that the Dirndl gives them curves. 

History of the Dirndl

The Dirndl, while remaining unchanged in its traditional overall essence and look, has come far from its origins as a peasant dress. The name is derived from Dirndlgewand, which means “maid’s dress.” The Dirndl dress has become a regional and local folk dress, meaning most women from the same village wore the same type of dress, making it a village uniform.

How did Dirndl become a Fashion Trend? 

In the late 1800s, the upper-class Bavarian women took to Dirndls and started experimenting with them to make it a fashion trend. The Dirndl parts were mixed and matched to give rise to the current look of the dress. Emperor Franz Josef supported the Dirndl initiative. 

The aristocracy started including Dirndls and Lederhosen in their summer holiday dresses, mainly to hunt, horse ride, and other outdoorsy activities.  

Oktoberfest and Dirndls 

Dirndls became synonymous with the yearly Oktoberfest, becoming famous as the Oktoberfest outfits outside central Europe. 

Historically, women wore the traditional Dirndls to the wedding celebrations of Crown Prince Ludwig to the blue-blood Princess Therese of Saxony. Since then, the Dirndls have been a part of the yearly Oktoberfest festivities. 

Interesting Facts About Dirndl Dress

  • The traditional dress is called “Tracht.”
  • Pronunciation: Deer-n-dil
  • Swiss-Germans, Bavarian-Germans, and South-Tyroleans of Italy wear Dirndls on festivities.

Dirndl Bluse – Dirndl Blouse

The look of a Dirndl ensemble is centered around a perfect-looking blouse. An excellently fitting blouse is integral to your overall Dirndl look; essentially, it can make or break it.  

Dirndl Dress Accessories 

As with any other dress, Dirndl is not complete without the right accessories. The beautiful Alpine flower, Edelweiss-inspired earrings, necklaces, and bracelets complement the feminine look of the Dirndl. Likewise, vintage jewelry, crystal jewelry, and heart chokers are also popular if you are going to the Oktoberfest or Beerfest. 

Lederhosen and Dirndls Go Hand-In-Hand

Recently, Lederhosen for women have become quite popular, yet the class of a man showing off some well-formed calves clad in Lederhosen is only multiplying the look of the breeches. The real Lederhosen will last generations and never gets clean. The stains on it add to its unique character. 

A Dirndl Dress to Last

Dirndls are well-made and durable garments that are passed on from generation to generation in the Alpine regions. The Alpine people proudly don their traditional outfits on special familial and formal occasions. 

At Dirndl Online Shop we take the tradition to the next level and create pieces that are bespoke for the 21st Century trends. 

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