Indian Visa For Citizens of Ireland

Obtaining an Indian visa for citizens of Ireland is simple. First, you need to fill out the application form, which you can download from the Indian embassy’s website. Alternatively, you can find it at your local library. The form must be completed in legible handwriting and signed by the applicant and sponsor. Next, you must provide evidence of your income, such as recent bank statements, pay stubs, and income tax returns. You must also provide proof of travel, including insurance.


If you’re an Irish citizen and wish to travel to India, you’ll need to apply for an Indian eVisa first. The Indian government requires this document from 166 nationalities, including the U.S., Canada, and Ireland. Once approved, an eVisa is valid for one year. Other types of visas are available, including the Indiantourist visa, which allows two entries for up to 90 days, the Indianbusiness visa, which allows three entries and a 180-day stay.

Applicants should make their eVisa applications at least 4 days before they plan to travel. However, this can be done as early as 120 days before the intended departure date. Once approved, the eVisa is mailed to the email address they provided. They should then print out their eVisas and present them at the airport. Applicants must use the same passport for each trip.


If you’re an Irish citizen and you plan on visiting India, you can apply for an Indian visa online. It takes only 15 minutes to complete and includes biographical information, travel itinerary, security questions, passport information, and nationality. The application fee varies, depending on your country’s visa policy. If you’re traveling on a budget, you may be able to save money by filling out the application online.

An India visa can cost as much as $325 and can be obtained for as long as five years. Irish citizens should remember to take out travel insurance while they’re there. Unlike the US, Ireland requires travelers to carry travel insurance. The cost of an Ireland visa varies by state, so be sure to research the requirements for your country. The Indian visa application process is quick and easy and you’ll be on your way to your new home in no time!


If you’re an Irish citizen, you’ll want to know the exact duration of the validity of an Indian visa before you apply. In most cases, applying for an Indian visa online is sufficient. However, additional guidance is recommended to avoid being rejected or refused. Below are some tips that will make the process as smooth as possible. Also, read the section on Business Visitor arriving on an Indian visa for further information. In short, you need to plan well ahead. Check for: Reasons for Indian visa rejection.

The Irish government has made it easy to travel to India. Whether you’re traveling for business, sightseeing, or to study, you need an Indian visa. A tourist visa, or e-visa, allows for multiple entries in the country under two years. The visa takes about three to four business days to process. The maximum duration of your stay is 90 days. If you want to stay longer, you can also get a medical or business visa.

Application process

India Visa Online has made it easier for Irish citizens to travel to India. Irish citizens can apply for the Indian visa for up to 5 years with eVisa India. With the eVisa, Irish citizens can enter India for up to 180 days continuously. Other nationalities are limited to 90 days. Irish citizens can travel to India through 28 airports, five seaports, and land-based immigration checkpoints for road travel.

In addition to paying an application fee, tourists from Ireland also need to submit a photo and the relevant documents. Ireland passport holders must have valid passports for at least 6 months after their planned date of arrival in India. They should also attach a photo of a page of their passport containing all their personal information, as well as flight and hotel reservations. If they are traveling with a minor child, they should also provide the names and contact numbers of both the child’s parents.

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Legal remedies against decisions to refuse, annul or revoke a visa

Applicants who are refused or have their visas annulled or revoked can appeal the decision to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They must appeal within three months of the decision. If the appeal is denied, they can also file an appeal to the competent court. An appeal can be filed by filing a written application. Appeals must be made within 30 days of the decision’s notification. A visa holder can file the appeals himself or through a representative. There is a 20 EUR fee to process the appeal and for review.

An appeal letter should include an introduction to the writer, stating his full name, place of birth, passport number and date of application. The letter should also state the reason for visiting India. If the decision is based on the fact that you booked your flight tickets, the letter should state that you booked them. A dummy flight ticket can be booked if you are denied an official flight ticket.

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