Instagram Reels Algorithm – Everything You Need To Know

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IG Reels Algorithm – Everything You Need To Know

However, Instagram’s Algorithm, which decides whether to show or hide a video, is just as important (comprar seguidores instagram portugal) as everything else on Instagram. This is how Instagram Reels works in 2022. And what you can do to make this secret recipe work for your benefit.

What is the working principle of Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels determines which reels will to which Instagram user. (So bossy!)

Some reels come from the accounts you follow in your mainstream, but you also have two places where you can find spins from Instagram from other creators or brands.

The Reels tab This is the Instagram version of the TikTok For You Page. To scroll endlessly through a stream of algorithm-selected Reels, tap the Reels icon at the bottom of the Instagram app homepage.

Explore also includes the Explore Reels tab and Instagram stories and posts. (In case you missed it, check out our guide on how to get your content onto the Instagram Explore page. Are we too authoritative?


Instagram’s Algorithm takes into account more than just how you interact with content. It also considers how you interact and interact with other users. Followed by someone? Are you able to message one another or leave comments?

check now for everything you need to know.

Reels and Explore will likely send videos from creators you’ve never heard of. But if you have interacted with them in any way (prowlers), you can look tall and proud because Instagram also considers that.

Relevance of content

Instagram tracks user affinity. This is a great way to express “what you like.” Instagram follows user affinity – if you have liked, commented on, or engaged with a post or Reel in the past, Instagram will take note and try to provide similar content.

How can AI determine what a video is all about? Your Instagram Reels hashtags and the analysis of frames, audio, and pixels.

TLDR: Watching dogs play basketball makes it easier to watch more dogs play basketball. It’s all part of the beautiful circle that is life at work.


The Algorithm favors new content over archive reels. The algorithm gods want people to see the latest, and so do they. Keep the cool drops coming!


Instagram will notice if you have an engaged audience and share your content consistently with others.

It may sound like a trap that you need to be famous to become popular on Instagram, but it is all about great content and rewards for those with good reputations. Could this be the only meritocracy anywhere in the world? We are in a bind.

11 Tips to Use the Instagram Reels Algorithm

This is just a way to say that Instagram values Reels it believes people will enjoy: fun, new, relevant content. Perhaps robots are not so different than us. An Instagram Creators account confirmed this. (This is the “fun, relevant” part and not “kissing robot brothers.”

Quality content

People click on the Reels tab to expect fun, engaging, and entertaining content. This is what the Algorithm strives to deliver.

Live humans are currently reviewing reels according to Instagram’s @creators account. It’s challenging to create ” the best revolution,” but we have ten ideas for you to get started. You can make your viewers laugh, tell them something new, or give them a challenge. That’s it.

Your reels should be visually appealing

The Algorithm prefers videos with visual panache. Avoid shooting vertically, and don’t take low-resolution videos or photos. If you want to be more creative, check out Reels. The app’s camera effects and filters can keep viewers interested and boost them an algorithmic boost.

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Avoid reposting TikToks

Although Instagram Reels might have been a dupe for TikTok’s original, they don’t care about that fact – reposting TikTok videos as Reels will get you in trouble.

These are not speculations. “Content visibly recycled from other apps (i.e., “Content that from other apps (i.e., contains logos and watermarks) makes Reels less satisfying,” the company explained in a blog post. We’re making this content less accessible in places like the Reels tab. >>

Use the correct hashtags

Creators love to discover new content through hashtags. A reel is an excellent place for this, so include at least one in your description. Use descriptive and specific hashtags to get the maximum reach.

If the Algorithm can determine the subject of your post or photo, it will be easier to share it with people interested in the topic. (Plus, hashtags for like Instagram ads!)

Illustration post hashtags

Instagram Reels can contain up to 30 hashtags. However, Instagram best practices recommend using 3-5 well-chosen tags for your best results. Make sure to do your research and explore your local communities before you use hashtags. Please find out more about Instagram hashtags with our Ultimate Guide or see our list of Instagram Reels hashtags that you can copy and paste here.

In your reels, feature people

We found that Reels featuring people perform exceptionally well. The Algorithm will also like videos if the users want them. Although hyper-stylized product images and illustrations are fun, it’s the faces that truly delight Insta viewers.

Use trending music

Use a trending sound clip, and the Algorithm (or should we say…algorithm-beat) will reward you by broadcasting your Reel far and wide.

Original audio

You can also create content beyond the reels

Stories, posts, and guides: The more Insta content you share with the world, the more likely it is to. We all know that Instagram Reels keeps track of your interactions with other users. If someone has seen your previous Instagram release, it indicates that the Algorithm will deliver your latest Reel to them.

Follow the endorsement guidelines for Instagram

Instagram explains how it chooses who to recommend in its recommendation guidelines. Consider this your social media commandments.

A feed that encourages violence, self-harm, or misinformation will not be considered an endorsement. To maximize your reach, keep it civil and adhere to the Insta rules.

Give people what they desire

Analytics can help you learn more about your audience to deliver quality content. Instagram Insights allows Creator and Business accounts to access Reels analytics. This includes performance metrics such as reach, comments, and likes.

Vancouver Fringe Reel Insights

They can do whatever they want, whenever they want

Instagram Reels prioritizes recent posts. It’s essential to make sure you get new content whenever your followers are online. We’ve already learned that gaining high engagement from your followers is the first step in securing a spot on the Explore page. (Send me your notes!

You can check out our analysis on the best times to post to Instagram for your industry. Or, you can use I/O Ways’ post composer to find out when your audience is online.

Actively cultivate a community

You want to show your Reels to “lookalike audiences” on the Explore page. Engaging your brand community is the first step.

We’re not talking about squeaky shortcuts such as buying followers or joining Instagram. Instead, we’re talking about getting creative and engaging in conversations via comments and DMs.

These tips to make Instagram Reels work for you are not precisely hacked. It takes effort and cares to create a meaningful social brand. While it takes time to start your Reel and engage with your ideal audience, Hootsuite can make it much more manageable.


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