Internet Home Based Business 6 Tips to Get the Most Out of One Screen of Information

Screen of Information

Maybe those who were raised to read computer screens possess an inherent ability to naturally extract every information on it. I’ve observed that those who fall into the “pre-computer era” category frequently miss important or prominent information displayed on screens due to the method we learned to read.

Being over 50, however, and able to use tried and tested strategies successfully because we’ve previously experienced numerous situations like this in our professional careers. To succeed in the world of online business, it is essential that you can find the information you require quickly and also assist yourself when you are stuck. Here are six easy methods to get all the information you need in the fastest time possible from a screen of information.

1. Take it ALL in

In general, we read a printed page from left to right. However, when looking at a website page, we only look at the “F” shaped area one-third of a webpage and just a little bit across the left-hand side. ( For more details, use the word string below to search for: eye tracking web reading 2010,)

I’ve discovered over time that the best method to make sure you start by reading correctly is to focus on the middle of the screen. After that, look up, down and right, then left and right, and then take the entire page. It is not necessary to read at this point.

2. Systematic Scan

After a couple of minutes, apply tip 1. Start by looking to the top left of your screen.

The large screens are now making this an even more crucial exercise. It will be the new way to look at a screen as time passes. However, for a time, it must be a deliberate task.

You can work your way down the line by line or block.

3. Good things come to those who… Hover

Hovering over buttons, texts, tabs or titles, and other elements causes a pop-up window with details.

4. Right-Click is Your Friend

Put your cursor over the subject of your curiosity (or anger) and click on the right-hand side of your mouse.

5. A little bit of HELP

This small area on the screen can give you total control over tackling your problems. I made it my goal in the past few years to make use of the help section before making a request for assistance.


It is possible that this could be a hazardous act since malware, viruses and malicious programs. Could re-program to use the F1 keys to run harmful software and then infect your PC.

Always click the Help area on the screen for secure help.

The help functions of screens have become highly sophisticated, rich in content and simple to use.

(Try using the right-click on Help functions for more options)

6. Focusing on a single screen

It’s easy to start with one screen, and then several screens later. You lose your initial focus entirely while following the many great websites that make the internet such an information-rich source.

To stay focused on a single screen but not lose any critical information that could allow you to move to a different screen.These two methods could prove extremely useful:

1. This way you can return later to learn more about the link and remain on the present screen.

2. Start your word processor and when you find something interesting that you would like to keep on track. Mark the particular part of the information by keeping the left mouse button down while dragging it across.

After that, right-click anywhere in the highlighted area and select the “copy. “copy” function in the menu.

If you return in your Word processor. Right-click again and select”paste” from the “paste” option.

I’ve learned my trade while working for large international companies. Telecommunications and internet businesses.

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