List of High Demand Saskatchewan NOC Jobs in 2022

Saskatchewan immigration nominee program

The economy of Saskatchewan is one of the fastest-growing in Canada. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) permits the province to propose candidates for federal admission to Canada who have the skills and expertise most wanted in the local economy to support this boom. It is the easiest and thus most popular method to immigrate to Canada.  

Saskatchewan’s in-demand occupation is one of SINP’s International Skilled worker streams. Skilled immigrants with a minimum of one year of job experience in one Saskatchewan in-demand occupation and the ability to earn high points on the SINP Points Assessment Grid can apply for the Saskatchewan Occupation in-demand stream by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI). 

It is important to note that on September 16, 2019, SINP made a significant update to their International Skilled Worker – Occupation in-demand stream. To be qualified for this stream, applicants must not have prior job experience in any of the professions listed on the Saskatchewan Excluded Occupations list. 

Another option is to start the Saskatchewan immigration process by creating a new Express Entry profile and expressing a formal interest in the province. Immigration Saskatchewan can then choose individuals who are interested and invite them to apply for the Saskatchewan immigration nominee program. When you are nominated in Saskatchewan, your Express Entry profile will be promptly credited with your nomination certificate, granting you an additional 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System. You will then be invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada at the next Express Entry draw. Express Entry Canada immigration applications for permanent residency in Canada are handled substantially faster, with most applications evaluated in less than 6 months. 

What does the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program 2022 Point Assessment Grid entail? 

SINP has its point assessment grid that awards SINP points to candidates depending on their credentials to choose only potential immigrants. Candidates must build a profile on SINP’s web platform, OASIS. Following the creation of the candidate’s profile, it will be evaluated using the SINP point assessment grid. If the profile receives at least 60 points, it will be permitted to submit an EOI and be included in the SINP EOI pool. Higher-ranking profiles in the EOI pool will thereafter be invited via regular provincial drawings. 

The SINP points grid is as follows: 

Education and Training: 23 points maximum 

Skilled Work Experience: 15 points maximum 

Language Ability: 20 points maximum 

Age: 12 points maximum 

Connection to the Saskatchewan Labor Market: 30 points maximum 

French Language Ability: 10 points maximum 

You must score a minimum of 60 points out of 110 to be eligible to apply for SINP.  

A certification, certificate, or degree from a post-secondary study or program or its equivalent while having a foreign education is required in addition to these prerequisites. To demonstrate equivalence to Canadian education, the candidate must have their education evaluated by Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).  

Under language proficiency considerations, you must have a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 4 or above. 

For regulated vocations, you must confirm Professional Status or Licensure (If applicable) 

You must have enough settlement cash and a well-developed settlement plan as well. 

How are SINP EOI Drawings Conducted? 

After submitting your EOI profile online, you will be put in the EOI pool alongside other qualified applicants. The EOI is valid for one year from the date of filing. Applicants must have at least one current EOI profile. The information given in the EOI profile is used to rate the candidates. The applicants who have received the most EOI points are asked to submit a full application to the SINP.  

SINP employs an electronic system to accept EOIs and nomination applications online, with notifications sent through email. At all times, the information in EOI must be correct and accurate. Your EOI profile must be updated regularly so that the province is aware of your most recent profile. If the information on the profile is discovered to be incorrect or incomplete, the visa will be denied for at least two years. 

Which NOC code is in-demand in Saskatchewan in 2022? 

NOC codeOccupation 
0112Human resource professionals 
2171Information system analysts and consultants 
2172Database analysts and data administrators 
2253Drafting technologists and technicians 
7315Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft inspectors 
0111Financial managers 
0114Other administrative service managers 
0122Banking credit and other investment managers 
0821Agriculture managers 
1114Other Financial Officers 
1221Administrative Officers 
1221Administrative Assistants 
1311Accounting Technicians and bookkeepers 
2174Computer programmers and interactive media developers 
2251Architecture Technologists and technicians 
6235Financial Sales representatives 
7321Automotive service technicians, Truck and Bus Mechanics, and Mechanical repairs 
0013Senior managers- financial Communicators and other business services 
0014Senior managers – healthcare, education, and social community 
0016Senior managers – Construction, Transportation, and production utilities 
0113Purchasing Managers 
0114Other administrative service managers 
0121Insurance, Real Estate, and financial brokerage managers 
0124Advertising Marketing and Public relations managers 
2174Web Designers and Developers 
3413Nurse Aides, orderlies, and patient service associates 
4412Home Support workers and related occupations 

To immigrate to Saskatchewan, make sure you match the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program qualifying requirements. Choose the Express Entry Canada immigration application for a faster application evaluation. You are eligible to apply for Express Entry to Canada if you have received a job offer from a Saskatchewan company, have work experience in an “in demand” job that requires post-secondary education or time as an apprentice, or have been accepted into Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Express Entry pool. 

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