Logitech Mouse G502 Lightspeed vs G502 Hero- Is There Any Difference?


The designs of mice have changed over the past years. Nowadays, modern and advanced mice come up with sharp edges, an aggressive look, and sometimes RGB lightning. These mice generally provide their users with a fantastic performance in terms of responsiveness and sensitivity. Wireless mice have become a regular thing in today’s market. 

However, whenever we talk about mice, one name usually pops up in our head, and that is Logitech. Here, in this blog, we will compare two mice; the Logitech mouse G502 Lightspeed and the G502 Hero.

Difference Between Logitech Mouse G502 Hero and G502 Lightspeed

The connectivity is the most significant difference between the Logitech G502 hero and G502 Lightspeed. Otherwise, they both are technically the same. The G502 Lightspeed has no wires, while the G502 Hero is a wired model. However, let’s dive into other differences.

  1. Weight and Size

If we compare the size, the Lightspeed is slightly smaller than the G502 Hero. The grip width is the same, but the weight is different. The overall weight of Lightspeed is 173 g, and the Hero comes up with 170 g weight. So, in terms of weight, Hero is the winner.

  1. Build Quality

The build quality of both of them is excellent. They both are very durable and feel sturdy. They both are built with matte plastic, and the glossy plastics were used to develop their buttons. Besides this, you will find latex on both sides for a better grip.

  1. Portability

Since the wired mice use USB cables, they offer maximum connection reliability. But it is not an excellent option for those who travel a lot. On the contrary, you don’t have to carry cables if you opt for wireless mice. So, when it comes to portability, the best Logitech mouse G502 lightspeed is the winner as it is a wireless mouse.

  1. Performance and Sensor

They both have come up with the same sensor. Hence, both mice will give you a smooth experience and excellent power efficiency when it comes to performance. However, the commission depends on how much sensitive your mouse is. 

The sensitivity of a mouse is generally measured in dots per inch. It measures how much movement a mouse needs to move the cursor on the computer screen. You need to consider sensitivity while purchasing a mouse if you are a hardcore gamer. 

The DPI of both of the mice ranges from 100 CPI to 25,600 CPI. So, when it comes to the sensitivity of a mouse, you can select either of them.

  1. Price

If we compare the price of both models, the Logitech mouse G502 Lightspeed is more expensive than the G502 Hero. You have to invest double the cost of the G502 Hero if you go for the G502 Lightspeed. But the price is not justified as they both have the same features. However, if you wish to have a wireless mouse and are ready to invest, you can go for the G502 Lightspeed model.


Since everyone’s choice is different, we won’t be able to tell you what can be the best deal for you. But we can help you by providing significant facts you can consider while buying a mouse. If you prefer an affordable, well-designed, light-weighted mouse, buy Logitech G502 Hero. But, if you want to invest in advanced wireless technology, go for G502 Lightspeed.


By kazim kabir

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