Methods to Solve Spotify Can’t Play Current Song Error

Spotify can't play current song


Only one out of every odd Spotify music experience is pleasant, particularly when you get hindered or neglected to stream melodies by various issues or blunders. Surmise a large portion of us have met the “Spotify Can’t Play Current Song” blunder, it is something truly irritating, yet it simply worked out. Frankly, this is a baffling issue, we for the most part don’t have the foggiest idea what is causing the issue, so we need to quit streaming Spotify music and attempt to track down the arrangements. With the goal that before the issue is settled, we have previously lost the state of mind and contemplations of proceeding to pay attention to music. Answers for the “Spotify Can’t the Play Current Song” Error

1. Restart Your Computer

In all honesty, repeating your PC can fix 90% of issues that occurred on it, including the point we are taking about: Spotify Can’t Play Current Song. The following time you meet this issue and couldn’t address it, you can attempt to restart your PC and furthermore restart the music delight with your Spotify music.

2. Restart Spotify

Very much like restarting PC can fix 90% issue of it, restarting Spotify can likewise fix 90% issues of Spotify itself. It is very common that an application like Spotify gets an irregular error or frozen. When the circumstance occurs, you can close the Spotify work area application or the web player and afterward restart it on your gadgets. Which will cost a couple of moments. When you need to fix the “Spotify Can’t Play Current Song” mistake. You would rather not restart your PC (since it might cost additional time or perhaps you are utilizing other applications), you can attempt to fix the issue by restarting Spotify.

3. Bring down the Audio Quality

There might be clients who don’t have the foggiest idea, yet we need to say this is a reality that should be known while utilizing Spotify. That is, the “Extremely High” level of sound quality in the Spotify application is simply accessible to Spotify Premium clients. On the off chance that you haven’t paid for Spotify Premium, and you set the streaming quality as “Exceptionally High”. You might cross paths with the “Spotify Can’t Play Current Song” mistake. Attempt to set the sound quality as a lower level like “High” or “Medium”, this could assist you with tackling the blunder.

4. Re-sync Spotify

On the off chance that you have Premium, you can download your main tunes, collections, playlists, and web recordings. So, you can pay attention to them without a web association. In any case, there is another key reality we ought to be aware, this is you should get online no less than once like clockwork. And keep a Premium membership to keep your music and web recordings downloaded. Any other way, your downloaded tunes can’t be played, which causes the “Spotify Can’t Play Current Song” blunder.

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5. Tidy Up Storage Space

Spotify expects something like 1 GB of free space for downloads. If you are a Spotify Premium client and you’ve downloaded tracks from Spotify. Your gadget might have run out of space. Notwithstanding, you can eliminate the documents by going to Settings > Local Files and flipping off Show Local Files. Tidy up a few spaces for Spotify and you will find the ongoing tunes can be played.

6. Confirm If the Song is Available in Your Country or Region

Obviously, only one out of every odd track in the Spotify music library is accessible in totally upheld nations and districts. A few tracks are accessible in the United State. Yet they may not be accessible in different nations like the United Kingdom or Australia. If it’s not too much trouble, ensure the ongoing tune you need to stream is accessible in the country you are living. Any other way, you would get the “Spotify Can’t Play Current Song” mistake.

7. Empower/Disable Crossfade

Crossfade is an extremely cool strategy while streaming music. It can cause the progress to become smooth and agreeable while changing starting with one tune. Then onto the next to further develop the music delight in clients. If you experience issues or mistakes while streaming music. You can attempt to turn the Crossfade on or switch it off and check whether this stunt can help. To empower/incapacitate Crossfade, you can go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Playback then, at that point, turn on or off “Crossfade melodies”.


Most of the people listen music when they are stressed and it aggravates when the Spotify can’t play current song. The app you loved stops working and doesn’t play your desired song. To avoid such situation try the mentioned mentioned and listen music non-stop.

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