Motives for Hotel Stay

There is no denying the increase in the availability of cheap housing. Bed & breakfasts and hostels fall under this category. Although it might seem like a wonderful idea, staying in a “budget-friendly” lodge has its disadvantages. In this article, we’ll outline six reasons why booking a hotel is still the preferable lodging choice overall. Choose J.W.Marriott Juhu for hassle free experience.

Booking is simpler.

It is simple to enter the lobby at any moment when checking into a hotel. You won’t have to stress about making early morning or late-night arrival. Additionally, you do not need to plan how you will check-in. No combination locks, lockboxes, or the like. You can walk up to a receptionist whether or not you have a reservation.

A hotel is additionally simpler to find. This is due to the existence of hotels close to airports, in the heart of business districts, or close to significant public transportation systems. Check the hotel’s website, then enter the address into your GPS. You can choose to take a taxi instead, and you can trust that the driver will know where your hotel is. If you just finished an arduous day, dealing with this is the last thing you want to do.

More secure.

Your safety is one of the most significant factors in favor of hotels over other types of lodging. When it comes to catering and making sure their visitors are secure and private, hotels take certain precautions. Additionally, hotel staff members are taught to adhere to standard operating procedures. To make sure you’re safe, they have security guards, emergency evacuation strategies, and relationships with the local police. Other accommodations, however, don’t adhere to the same standards. This is so that security can be provided by your hosts.

You receive exactly what you see.

Other accommodations frequently publish images that will appear nice online. But when you see it in person, everything will appear entirely different. The appearance of your lodging may differ slightly from what was depicted in the advertisement, which could have an impact on how long you stay. You may feel at ease knowing exactly what to anticipate if you decide to stay in a hotel. This also includes the facilities offered in a room.

More hygienic and tidy

We advise booking a hotel if you are worried about having a clean stay. That’s because every room is cleansed and cleaned after each guest checks out and regularly. Hotels are renowned for their excellent customer service, which includes meticulous sanitation of all hotel rooms in particular. The hotel rooms are always kept clean by cleaning. Visitors can freely move around the area without worrying about its cleanliness. The cleanliness of the hotel aids in customers’ ability to unwind and enjoy their stay.

Find out about cancellations

Your reservation can be canceled by the hotel. You won’t be shocked when someone cancels your reservation even if each hotel has a different cancellation policy.

It isn’t always pricey.

Choosing a different type of lodging does not entitle you to cost savings. Sometimes the price of your lodging is equivalent to one night in a hotel. Booking a hotel may therefore be your best choice if you’re seeking a place where you may rest soundly and leave your belongings for security.

Other conveniences and the concierge

You get what you pay for when choosing to stay at a hotel. Many hotels include a concierge who may help you with travel suggestions and guidance. Additionally, they may assist you with making meal reservations and storing your things if you arrive early. You can call someone to check the room if you experience any issues with your hotel room. You can even ask to be moved to a different room if the issue couldn’t be resolved. When booking other accommodations, you are less likely to experience this convenience. That’s because your host has control over you.

The staff makes your bed.

Most of the time, you won’t make your bed when you have to leave the hotel room quickly to catch your tour bus or go to a work meeting. Your bed will be made, you’ll have clean sheets and towels, and the room will look just as immaculate and spotless as it did when you checked in, regardless of how worn out you are when you return. Every time, the cleanliness of your room will make you feel renewed.


The city core is often where you’ll find most hotels. In other words, they are frequently close to businesses, attractions, events, and public transportation. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you want to stay in a hotel or a more affordable place to stay. The main advantages of staying in a hotel, however, are those that we have already mentioned. These advantages are uncommon in other types of lodging.

You don’t need money.

Everything will seem free when you stay in a hotel. After you check into your hotel, you essentially no longer need your wallet or liquid cash. Everything you require, such as meals at the restaurant and drinks at the bar, will be charged to your room. You get the impression that these products were free until you paid. Additionally, you can always discover a hotel that is within your price range.

Variety of dining options

You typically don’t have to leave the house for lunch or dinner. The hotel where you are staying has a wide selection of food. In addition, breakfast and room service are both free. Your hotel also has fine dining options if you like. To present a variety of cuisines for guests to enjoy, hotels provide buffets. You have easy access to meals and a variety of drinks.


In this day and age, we always rely on the internet to do our tasks, from online shopping to reviewing financial reports. It has played a crucial role in our daily life. We must use the internet even while we are not at home or work. So, if you need to connect while still getting some “ME” time, staying in a hotel might be the best choice. For our needs, hotels offer a dependable internet connection. You don’t have to contend with sporadic Wi-Fi.Choose J.W.Marriott Juhu for hassle free experience

By Michael Caine

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