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Patrick Soon Shiong

Patrick Soon Shiong is the best doctor, a billionaire, and a South African-American transplant surgeon. Soon-Shiong came up with the drug Abraxane, which is used to treat lung, breast, and pancreatic cancers. He started NantWorks, which is a group of startups in healthcare, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence.

He has written more than 100 scientific papers and gotten more than 230 patents for improvements in medicine and technology in many different fields.

How was Patrick’s Early Life?

Patrick Soon Shiong was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on July 29, 1952. Soon-Shiong is the son of Chinese immigrants who left China during World War II to get away from the Japanese.

How was Patrick’s Education Life?

Patrick Soon Shiong got the fourth position in his class when he graduated from the University of Witwatersrand. Soon-Shiong got his bachelor’s degree in medicine when he was 23 years old. He finished his internship as a doctor at the General Hospital in Johannesburg. After that, he went to school at the University of British Columbia and got his master’s degree there in 1979.

How did Patrick get his First Job?

Patrick Soon Shiong moved to the U.S., where he studied surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In 1984, he passed a test to become a board-certified surgeon. Soon-Shiong is a Fellow of both the American College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons in Canada.

Why did Patrick leave the University of California, Los Angeles?

Patrick Soon Shiong left UCLA in 1991 and started a company called Abraxis BioScience, which is in the field of biotechnology. Under his direction, the company made a revolutionary drug that is used to treat cancers of the breast, lungs, and pancreas. The FDA approved the drug Abraxane in 2005, and its European equivalent did the same in 2008. Abraxane is used to treat breast cancer when chemotherapy isn’t working.

American Pharmaceutical Partners:

Every year, Abraxane made $315 million in sales. In 2010, the American biotech company Celgene bought Abraxis BioScience from Soon-Shiong for $3 billion in cash and stock. At the time, Soon-Shiong was the only owner of Abraxis BioScience. When he started a company called American Pharmaceutical Partners in 1997, it was one of his biggest business successes.

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What does Patrick Soon-Shiong do with the Money he makes?

Patrick Soon-Shiong puts his money into buying and selling houses.

Do You Know the House of Patrick Soon-Shiong?

Soon-Shiong owns a beautiful house in Los Angeles, California.

What are the Highlights of Patrick’s Life?

Here are some of the best things Patrick Soon Shiong has done in his life and career:

  • He came up with the medicine Abraxane.
  • NantWorks was started by Patrick Soon Shiong.
  • Soon-Shiong started working at UCLA Medical School (1983).

What did Patrick Soon-Shiong Teach Us About Life?

Now that you know how much money Patrick Soon-Shiong has and how he got there, let’s look at some things we can learn from him:

1. The world We Can See:

It is a browser for machine vision and sensors in the real world. Patrick Soon Shiong has been working on this with Coca-Cola, Verizon, Bank of America, and Disney so that when an image is recognized, it will launch content.

2. New Doctors:

In the U.S., about 2 million people are told they have cancer every year, and 13 million people survive it. This means that about 10,000 patients need to be looked at every day. That’s about five petabytes of data that need to be sent and processed every day.

3. Live and have Fun:

Every patient is also a customer, and every customer could be a patient. What NantWorks is doing is building the world the way Da Vinci saw it and enhancing every frame a person sees as they work, live, and play.

Do You Know About Patrick’s Personal Life?

Patrick Soon Shiong is married to Michele B. Chan, who used to be an actress. She is from the United States and used to be an actress. She was born in South Africa, in East London. Chan is the CEO of NantStudio, which she started in 2015 and has been since 2016. They spend their life in Los Angeles, California, with their two kids. He really likes both basketball and football. There are two kids. When they bought the Los Angeles Times in 2018, they became co-owners of the paper.

Net Worth:

By 2008, APP was making $750 million a year in sales, and about $300 million of that was pure profit. Fresenius SE, which is based in Homberg, Germany, agreed to buy APP for $5.6 billion in July of 2008. In 2011, he also started a company called NantWorks. NantHealth is the health division of Networks. Its goal is to give the healthcare industry cloud-based data.

Patrick Soon Shiong’s Net Worth is thought to be around $10 Billion as of August 2022.


Patrick Soon Shiong is a doctor and drug developer who was born in South Africa. He is one of Los Angeles’s wealthiest people. In 2010, he bought the 4.5 percent of the Los Angeles Lakers that Magic Johnson owned. He owns more Laker’s shares than anyone else except the Buss family. As he grew up, he went to the University of British Columbia and got a Master of Science. He has more than 50 patents, and from 1983 to 1991, he taught at the UCLA School of Medicine.

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