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The greatest tea-growing region in South India is Munnar, which is tucked away in God’s Own Country in the most stunning settings imaginable. This breathtaking hill town, which is located at a height of about 1,500 meters, offers stunning low mountain scenery as well as a mind-blowing layer of hazy mist, providing you with the dreamlike experience you’ve been yearning for. That is not to imply that you won’t encounter dirty surroundings and bad traffic, but those issues only exist in the town center. After a few kilometers, gorgeous shades of green plantations, lovely tones of blue skies, and amazing landscapes will begin to emerge, transporting you to a fantastical realm. Last but not least, all you need to do is locate some respectable Munnar resort. A few interesting and famous places to visit places in Munnar are:-

Kundala lake, Munnar

Kundala Lake should be on your bucket list if you want to witness a lake that reflects your image in the most captivating way conceivable. This lake, which is located around 20 miles from the city center, has breathtaking views of rolling green hills covered in unrivaled cherry blossoms. You can enjoy boating in traditional rowboats, contemporary pedal boats, and Kashmiri shikaras here!

Rose garden, Munnar

This breathtaking garden, which is 1,000 meters above sea level, is home to some of the most exquisite flowers you can imagine. This location covers an enormous 2-acre plot of land and is teeming with natural treasures like dahlias, roses, and chrysanthemums. This is even more amazing because of its exquisite slopes and finely sculpted contours, not to mention the breathtaking aromas!

Nyayamakad Waterfalls

There will be yet another valley, still, another waterfall, and nothing will feel the same. Yes, this is the first location on this list where you may see local ladies collecting tea leaves while you travel to see Munnar’s biggest waterfalls. Every part of your visit to the Nyayamakad Waterfall will stand out as more unforgettable than the last, starting with the travel there.

Tata tea museum

Now, this is a location that needs to be on your list of Munnar attractions to visit in a single day. It is that crucial! At least two hours of your time should be set aside for this museum during even a brief trip to Munnar. Additionally, while scheduling your trip, be sure to arrive in time for a special show screening at either 10 AM or 2 PM so that you can discover the many intricacies of India’s favorite beverage—tea.

In addition to displaying tea, this museum also houses some amazing antiquities, such as hand tea rollers, magneto phones, and manual calculators.

Indo-Swiss dairy farm

This farm, which covers a 500-acre area and has 11 cow buildings, was established in 1963. You can observe several procedures essential to the farm’s maintenance as well as the raising and breeding of its cattle with a special permit, which is a necessary visit. You may see a variety of tasks being done here, including pruning, chopping, planting, feeding, cleaning, and gathering bull sperm. This farm also provides technicians, para-veterinarians, and veterinarians with professional training.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Munnar

It is nearly impossible to visit Munnar and not take in the splendor of a tea garden. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is the highest tea estate and is surrounded by a carpet of lush tea plantations, making it the ideal location for some breathtaking photographs. It also offers the perfect backdrop of the wide-open skies. And the area’s surrounding cloudy mist just emphasizes its magnificence! This location, which is up to 2,400 meters above sea level, is a must-see for all tourists.

Top station, Munnar

As the name implies, it is Munnar’s highest peak and the site of the tallest railway station in the region. The best time to visit this breathtaking location is in 2018 when the Neelakurinji flowers will be in bloom and will give the area a deep blue color. Your breath will be taken away not only by the breathtaking vistas but also by the chance to visit the adjacent Kurinjimala Sanctuary.

 Atukkad Waterfalls in Munnar

This pristine waterfall is a great location for picnics and romantic outings. It is located 2 km from Munnar amid picturesque hills and verdant jungles. The road to Atukkad, however, is quite congested and requires a high level of driving proficiency. Take a plunge in the pool created at the base of the waterfall! One of Munnar’s four main waterfalls, Attukad Waterfalls is highly well known among thrill-seekers because of the rocky, winding dirt trail that leads there through the forest. Bring your swimsuit because there is enough water in the pool at the base of the fall to swim and have a bath. If waterfalls are at the top of your list of Munnar attractions, it is strongly advised that you travel there during the monsoon season.

Echo Point

Echo Point is nestled between a charming lake and mist-covered hills clothed with luxuriant green foliage. This location is well recognized for its fascinating representation of the phenomena of echoing, as suggested by its name. It is entertaining to hear your voice echo throughout the attraction as you shout.

The intersection of Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala mountain ranges is marked by the striking beauty of Echo Point. The peace and tranquility of this location, which is on the shores of a lake, are mesmerizing. Here, you may take a stroll over the gentle hillsides or go boating in the tranquil lake. Due to the abundance of local species, Echo Point is a birdwatcher’s paradise.

 We trust that you are now fully informed about the town’s top tourist attractions. To locate all of these locations, we advise having a Munnar tourist map or utilizing the GPS on your phone. Last but not least, all you need to do islocate some respectable Munnar resort.

You’ll be ready to head out on a fantastic trip to this magnificent country! with all the information.

By Michael Caine

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