Reasons Why No Cold Water is Coming Out of Your Shower

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Nothing could be worse than the feeling when you encounter hot water on the scorching hot noon of the long summer day. It could prove your worst nightmare. If you are facing this problem more often nowadays, you are at the right place. Specialized plumber services in Karachi have come up with a list of potential reasons which can result in no cold water from your shower. You can keep these reasons in mind and act in a way to avoid them to enjoy the luxury of cold water in hot summer.

Reasons No Cold Water Coming Out of Your Shower

If your shower is not giving out cold water on the long hot days of summer, do not worry. We have got you covered. The only thing you have to do is to read this piece of writing carefully.

In this article, you will come to know some important reasons that can lead to no cold water supply to your shower. You can give it a read and avoid a miserable situation of no cold water at all.

1. Turned Off Main Water Valve

You should check the other showers and faucets of your house to see whether cold water is coming out of them or not. If the cold water is not coming, it means there is something wrong with the main water supply valve.

Just go straight to the main supply water valve and turn it on, and enjoy the luxury of cold water. But if you have turned on the main water valve and the problem still exists, the problem lies somewhere else.

Book plumber services in Lahore to inspect and resolve the issue. Professional service providers look into the matter, devise a plan, and fix the issue effectively.

2. Faulty Pressure Balancing Valve

Sometimes, you come home after a hectic and tiresome routine at the office, go to take a cool shower, turn on the shower, and end up with hot water hitting your head and body. Is not it miserable?

You might be regretting yourself for not checking the water first. But it is not your fault, it is your show to be blamed. It was supposed to provide you with cold water but there must be something that prevents it from doing so.

You should track down the reason why your shower does not provide cold water. How can you do this? You can inspect the whole pipeline until you figure out the point where the problem exists.

If you do not have the proper skills and tools to inspect the pipeline, do not worry. You can book professional plumbing services for better inspection and maintenance.

3. Mineral Deposits

When you do not use your shower for a longer time and leave it unattended, there are chances it will build up mineral deposits. These mineral deposits will narrow down the passage of water which will lead to the gradual closure of the pipe.

It is time to book one of Pakistan top 5 Home Maintenance Companies for the proper examination and solution of your plumbing fixtures.

Skilled plumbing experts not only track down the problem but also make sure the underlying problem does not exist again. They can provide you with significant pieces of advice you can follow to get rid of the issue forever.

4. Corrosion

The long-term build-up if not checked on time can lead to corrosion. When the metallic surface of your shower’s pipe comes in contact with moisture and air, it starts rusting.

The body of the metallic pipe starts breaking down which makes holes and cracks throughout the pipeline. It leaks all the water which flows along the pipe. That is why you can not enjoy the cold water.

The best option to avoid corrosion is to keep your plumbing fixtures inspected and maintained regularly. You can do this on your own or you can book plumber services in Karachi.

Professional plumbers look into the matter, find out the issue, and resolve it professionally. That is why you should not ignore your plumbing apparatus for a long time otherwise, it will end up costing you a lot of money on repairs and replacements.

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