Selecting the best Mops for homes

If you’re buying or building a luxury home in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington, DC, you want Floors that are in keeping with the rest of the house. This means choosing high-end Floor materials with energy-efficient features. Keep the following in mind as you look for replacement Floors that meet your high standards. Steam mop also known as steam cleaners are great for sanitizing and cleaning hardwood


Luxury homes these days often have a contemporary design. To ensure your Floors add to rather than detract from the décor, consider choosing one of the following materials:

  • Aluminum Floors: For ultra-modern homes, nothing but aluminum Floors will do. The metal creates a streamlined, industrial look, especially if the frames are black. Aluminum Floors have an inherent strength to them that other Floors lack. A vast majority of commercial buildings have aluminum Floors for this very reason. Yet, they have a sophisticated beauty that makes them appropriate for residential applications, too.
  • Aluminum-clad Floors: Wood degrades in the elements faster than any other Floor material. If the beauty of wood Floors tempts you but you don’t want the hassle of extra maintenance, aluminum-clad Floors are the ideal choice. This solution features durable aluminum on the exterior and gorgeous wood on the interior, providing the best of both worlds. you can use shark steam vacuum mop to clean your home surface.
  • Fiberglass Floors: For more traditional home design, consider what fiberglass Floors have to offer. This material is up to eight times stronger than vinyl, lasts 50 years or more, and comes with excellent energy-efficiency ratings, all must-haves for any luxury home.
  • CompositWood Floors: This revolutionary material has the look and feel of premium wood Floors with the maintenance-free qualities of vinyl and the strength of aluminum. These qualities could make CompositWood Floors the right choice for your luxury home.


Selecting the right Floor material is a vital place to start, but not all aluminum, aluminum-clad, fiberglass, and CompoitWood Floors are created equal. To make sure you end up with premium products for your luxury home, consider choosing these types of features:

  • Large expanses of multi-pane glass: Large floor-to-ceiling Floors and vast Floor walls have a luxurious appearance. To ensure the added glass doesn’t detract from your home’s energy efficiency, the Floors should be double or triple glazed. The air trapped between the panes slows heat transfer to keep your home more comfortable. Other features that improve energy efficiency include gas in-fill, warm-edge spacers, and low-E coatings.
  • Thin frames: Both aluminum and fiberglass have the strength necessary to support large sheets of glass while maintaining thin, unobtrusive frames. This maximizes the view of the exterior and allows more natural light to enter.
  • Picture and geometric Floors: Not every Floor in your luxury home needs the option of opening. In fact, large picture Floors and specialty geometric-shaped Floors let you enjoy more of the view, let in additional natural light, and emphasize the unique architectural features of your home while maintaining maximum energy efficiency.
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