Seven Foods You Shouldn’t Take to Prevent Heart Diseases

Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are a group of illnesses that affect the condition of the heart. Some heart diseases have no cure, but you can treat them with medicine. According to a recent survey, cardiovascular diseases are the reason for most deaths worldwide. In 2019, an estimated 17.9 million passings were due to cardiovascular diseases. This number equals 32% of the global deaths in the year 2019. On average, one person dies every 35 seconds due to heart illness. Unfortunately, one in every five deaths in any country is due to CVDs. All the facts about heart illness prove that this disease is one of the top concerns of the World Health Organization.

There are many causes of heart disease. It can be due to smoking, high blood pressure, stress, cholesterol, mental issues, and obesity. The most common and likely cause of heart disease among people is food consumption. Excessive drinking of the variety of alcoholic beverages you see inside beer fridges UK can be the reason for heart diseases. Many people have no idea about the consequences of the food they intake. It is a necessity to know about the risks and benefits of your food consumption. Some food you consider delicious can affect your heart in fatal ways. Overlooking the disadvantages of such food items can lead to death.

If you want to prevent the chances of getting heart disease, it should be your priority to ignore the consumption of particular food items. These food items contain chemicals and ingredients that will ruin your heart health. They can also cause many other diseases that will lead to CVDs. Below we have mentioned seven foods you shouldn’t take to prevent heart disease.

  • Butter is your worst enemy:

 Quick Question? What is the worst thing for your heart? The answer is fat. Know that unhealthy fats can ruin your heart health in the worst ways. Butter is topping the fats list. Butter contains a significant amount of saturated fats. It is better to use olive oil or other vegetable oils instead of butter in your food.

  • Replace Soda with Fresh Juices:

Who doesn’t love soda? Nothing will taste more than a can of your favorite soda in the hot summer weather. But know that soda contains a handsome number of sugars in it. Soft drinks such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, 7Up, Fanta, and Sprite are risky for your heart. You can replace these drinks with fresh juices to beat the heat.

  • No Baked Sweets:

It is not easy to overlook sweet cravings. You need to minimize the consumption of baked goods if you want to prevent heart diseases. Limit the use of cookies, cakes, muffins, and fudges. These food items contain loads of sugar and fats.

  • Processed Meat gives no benefit:

We have bad news for you if you are a fan of sausages, salami, and deli meats. These processed meats contain salts, nitrites, and preservatives. Remember that all these items play an integral role in worsening the condition of your heart. Some healthy alternatives are tuna, salmon, hummus, or freshly cooked protein.

  • Quit Alcohol:

Many studies and reports on the internet prove that alcohol is not a healthy food item. The fizziness and delicious flavor of alcohol may make you want to consume it. But the risks are not worth it. Alcohol can increase your blood pressure and triglycerides in your body.

  • Say Bye to Bacon:

Bacon is a source of a high number of calories and saturated fats. Both of these nutrients are not the best option for health-conscious people.

  • It is time to limit fried food:  

Before you consume fried food, imagine the amount of salt and fats in it. Junk food is never a healthy option for anybody. The worst fried foods are French fries, fried chicken, and fried cheese sticks. You can opt for sautéed veggies (in oil) for health benefits.

By Michael Caine

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