Star Swim School: Teach Your Kids to Swim

Swimming can provide children with one of the most important life lessons and physical fitness exercises. Furthermore, it’s a fun-filled activity that can further develop both social skills and academic achievements.

Star Swim School provides children of all ages a comprehensive learn-to-swim program year round. Their 49 week long accompanied baby swimming lessons ensure consistent training and allow their students to quickly progress through levels.

Learn to Swim

Swimming skills can be lifesaving skills that should be learned as early as possible. As children tend to encounter dangerous deep water areas more frequently than adults do, early education in swimming skills should begin early as well. To do this, kids should enroll themselves in an effective children’s swim class which can develop their abilities while building up their confidence around water environments.

Learn to Swim lessons are held inside a pool where a coach provides basic steps like breathing and floating on water, before gradually helping them swam and kick with less leg swagging and after several strokes teaching them how to move toward another end of the pool.

Consistency is key to successful learning; otherwise, your child could quickly fall behind their peers. Enrolling them in swimming lessons is the right decision, but you need to remember it is an ongoing commitment which needs to be kept.

Kids Swimming Lessons

Kids swimming lessons Clyde are a fun and healthy activity to teach children water safety, as well as the value of living a healthier lifestyle and engaging in physical activity. Given how often children encounter deep water areas in daily life, teaching them how to stay safe while around water will become invaluable skills they’ll use throughout their lives.

Our programs are tailored to help your baby develop confidence and affection for the water while strengthening his/her bond with you and their caregiver. It’s an intimate moment between you and your child where they can focus solely on you while strengthening relationships and creating memories together. Plus, young babies tend to feel at ease around water due to spending most of their lives immersed in it, making this an excellent environment to teach them how to swim!

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming lessons provide parents and babies an ideal way to spend quality one-on-one time while learning water safety and swimming skills together. Classes take place in a warm, shallow pool that makes babies feel secure. Children will learn basic swimming techniques such as flotation and breathing while parents receive training on proper water handling techniques.

Swimming early and often is essential for your baby’s safety. Learning this life skill will help prevent drowning while also having lasting benefits to his/her heart, lungs, and muscles.

Participants at this level continue to improve their strokes and extend the distances they swim, as well as develop true locomotion in the water (gliding and rolling), along with headfirst entries from kneeling or standing positions, headfirst entries from kneeling or standing positions and open turns at the wall. Children are introduced to open turns at this level.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Beginners or experienced triathletes alike can benefit from attending swimming class Clyde no matter their level. Our classes help students of all ages build endurance and strength with minimal impact to the body and stressors such as physical contact. Swim lessons also serve to overcome fear of water, prevent chronic diseases and enhance social-emotional and cognitive well-being as part of lifelong physical activity.

Many people associate drowning as being a risk only for children, yet more adults die of accidental drowning than any other cause of death. Learning to swim as an adult can be a lifesaving skill that could save your own life or the lives of someone else in an emergency situation.

Our highly trained SafeSplash Certified instructors provide infants, toddlers and adults a welcoming learning environment in a relaxing and rewarding manner. Working at your pace, they work towards creating an experience that equips participants with all of the confidence and skills necessary for enjoying water recreation fully. Private, semi-private and group lessons are offered for swimmers of all skill levels.

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